The Grinch: 10 Things I Hate in Books

Happy Blogmas day 7!

I thought I’d do a fun 2 part series where I talk about things I love and hate in books. Today is the Grinch-y half: things I hate. This isn’t things I hate that readers do, it’s just thinks I don’t like in books – plot, character, writing wise.


To preface, most of these won’t stop me from reading a book. They’re just things I’m sick of seeing or I find annoying. And for many of them, there are exceptions to the rule.

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10 Popular Books I’ll *Probably* Never Read

Happy Blogmas Day 4!🎄

My TBR is perpetually out of control. There are just SO many books I want to get to. Because of that, I try to avoid adding books just because of the hype.

I am brutally honest in this. So if you’re sensitive to reading negativity about books you love, you may want to skip this one. As always, if you’re favorite book is on here, it is not a personal attack against you or your family. These are purely my personal impressions. Feel free to try and sway me in the comments!

Here are some really popular or hyped books I have no interest in reading.

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