Sbooktober TBR

Alright guys, this is my last readathon of the month! I totally failed at the RIP readathon and haven’t done great for spookathon. But I have high hopes for Sbooktober nonetheless.

Sbooktober is a readathon hosted by Derby_Lane Reading, Chelsea Palmer, Paper Faerie, Don’t Stop Readin’, and ZarriahRose. There’s fun events going on all month, so definitely check out their channels or twitter for those! But the readathon itself runs from October 21st-27th.

This is one of the most unique readathons I’ve done. There are challenges that everyone does, and the last 2 challenges are unique to what group or clan you decide to join. I went with the Bruja clan with Derby so my TBR will show only those challenges. Check out the announcement videos for the other group options and challenges!

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