Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I Learned in 2021

Time for a little reflection on this past year 🖤

This past year was tough.

I doubt that’s something super unique to me – I think a lot of us have been going through it lately. We’re at our limit coping wise and we’re simply out of energy and at emotional capacity.

But 2021 threw a lot of personal curve balls at me.

I had a severe chronic illness relapse, stopped responding to medication, and was in and out of the doctors trying to find something to manage my symptoms while trying new therapies.

I was also diagnosed with GAD and panic disorder, started therapy, started medication for that, and really went on a whole mental health journey.

I also started teaching again, we remodeled our home, we got a puppy, my husband started a new job… all while living through another year amongst a global pandemic.

But I learned a lot! Reading-wise, life-wise, and everything in between. So here’s 10 things 2021 taught me!

1. Leggings are pants. Throw away the jeans already.

I held onto the jeans I never wore for a year and a half. But y’all, who needs jeans when you work from home? I kept 1 nice pair in my closest and I’ve embraced the legging life. And I’m all the more comfortable for it.

2. YouTube is terrifying but wonderful.

Youtube is something I always said I’d never do. The thought of putting my face on the internet terrifies me a little. But I’m so glad I’ve taken the leap because wow it’s been wonderful. I know it’s such a cliche to talk about the people you meet, but it’s so true! I’ve met and talked to so many people in the 3ish months I’ve been on there. It’s blown me away in the best way possible.

3. DM people!

Do it! Seriously no one will think you’re weird. I was always so terrified to message people on Instagram but I LOVE chatting with everyone. And now I have people I talk to every day because of a random message one of us sent.

4. Audiobooks are everything.

This year has taught me, in many ways, to roll with the punches. And audiobooks have been a huge lifesaver during those times. There were times holding a book or e-reader wasn’t physically possible and audiobooks were there for me. I listened to SO MANY books this past year.

5. YA Contemporary isn’t for me (with some exceptions!)

I’m still all about some YA fantasy. But contemporary and I just haven’t been seeing eye to eye. I need either epic fantasy or sultry romance to get lost in. The real world is tragic enough thanks 😅

6. Don’t be scared to talk about the things your passionate about (even if you think no one will care – because actually they probably will)

I’ve always been scared to talk about certain things near and dear to me. Because I was worried about how people would react or interpret them. Say it anyways.

Since I’ve started sharing my experience with chronic illness I’ve not only met so many new people but I’ve gotten the most beautiful messages from strangers bearing the soul.

I think we’re all desperate for connection after these last 2 years. And sometimes just feeling like you’re not alone can make a huge difference. So speak about the things you love and feel strongly about!

7. Girl. Rest.

For real. Sleep. Sit down. And stop pushing yourself so dang hard.

This one is still a work in progress.

8. Saying the words “Asexual” out loud for the first time will make you feel 100x lighter (and your husband will still love you. Duh)

I came out in 2021 and while it wasn’t life changing, but it was relieving. I’m in a committed relationship with a man I very much so love, but I’d never said the words out loud before. And while it changed nothing about our marriage, it gave my husband the tools to better understand me and my needs. And that’s pretty cool.

9. Routines are my jam.

I need structure and routine. Without it I’m a lost fish.

Building a schedule into my home life (because I legit never leave this 4 walls…) has really changed my days. I sleep better, get more done during the day, focus better, and just feel far better about my days overall.

10. I can handle some scary shit

With UC, it’s common knowledge that anti-inflammatories will only work for so long. But when it stopped working for me it felt like life was over. Spoiler – it wasn’t.

And while I didn’t always handle it gracefully (many tears and meltdowns were had). I HANDLED it. Uncomfortable procedures, many (MANY) blood draws, steroids, therapy (bless therapists), infusions, insurance woes…

You. Got. This.

This is a super different type of post for me but like I said in #6 – I’m trying to be less scared to talk about the things close to my heart.

Now hopefully 2022 teaches me a little less 😅🖤

Happy new year loves!

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