2022 Goals!

New year, new goals!

In 2022 I’m really focusing in on goal setting. I started using the Makselife planner back in November and it’s completely changed the way I look at goals!

If you want a peak at planners, check out my Youtube channel tomorrow for a full planner lineup video!

But this post isn’t going to go into my personal goals. Those are super personal, and I’m just not comfortable yet sharing those with the internet. Instead we’re going to talk about all my bookish goals!

That includes this blog, YouTube, Instagram, Reading, Reviewing, and everything in between.


Let’s start with general reading goals!

1. Read 100 Books

This is my reading goal every year and it’s staying the same for 2022. This is number that I feel really comfortable hitting. It’s large enough to push me to read every month but not something that stresses me out since I usually hit it around late summer/early fall.

2. Buzzwordathon

I want to actually participate in the monthly buzzword readathon! I had every intention in 2021 but I totally failed 😅

3. Read My Most Anticipated

I created a post, video, and template about my most anticipated releases of 2022. I want to make sure I’m actually prioritizing these books!

4. 22 in 22

Next week I’ll be posting a video about the 22 books I want to read this year! This is also going to be a vlog series! January-November I’ll be reading 2 books off this list and vlogging my reading.

5. 5 Star Predictions

Another list I want to commit to! I’m so proud of myself for finishing my 2021 list and I want to do the same this year. And then at the end of the year we can look back and see how well I know myself and my reading.

6. Readathons

This goal is a little vague. But essentially I want to be more selective and intentional about the readathons I’m participating in. I tend to go all in and want to participate in EVERYTHING. But then I burn out or things fall through. So I want to make sure I’m committing to things I have the time and energy for (which is a big focus for all my goals this year).

7. Wrap Up Open Series

I want to CLOSE OUT SERIES. I have an alarming number of open series just hanging, waiting for me to get my shit together and finish them. So I have a list in my planner and want to focus on wrapping some of them up.


My blog took a pretty extensive hiatus in 2021 so I’m going to keep my goals small and realistic as I get back into things here.

I want to make sure I’m not setting myself up for another burnout so all of this is subject to change throughout the year!

1. Post 2 Time Per Week

My goal is to post here Tuesday and Thursday. But again, if this starts feeling like too much, this may change. But for now that’s the plan! Tuesday I’ll be doing a Top Ten post and Thursdays will be anything and everything else.


1. Reach 1000 subscribers

My stretch goal for 2022 is to monetize my channel. But in order for that to happen, I have to reach 1000 followers. This number is absolutely wild to me. And I have no idea if it’s possible. But it’s a goal and we’re putting it out into the universe.

2. Post 3 Times Per Week (or alternate schedule)

I want find a schedule that works for me and stick to it! I function best on a schedule. So I just need to find one that works with me life and time. Right now the plan is 3 videos a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

3. Prep Videos at least 1 week ahead

I need to get back to prepping my videos ahead of time! I want to make sure I’m at least 1 week ahead to take some of the stress off. Especially since I’m balancing this with a full time job (and million other social media platforms)


1. Schedule & Consistency!

Like with everything else I want to find a good schedule and rhythm with instagram. I’m notoriously flaky with posting. I’ll do great for a couple of weeks and then miss a photo day and fail to post for a week or 2. I want to make sure I’m prepping posts and staying consistent.

2. 3500 Followers

I know numbers goals aren’t for everyone. But I think it’s fun to look back on. Did I reach my 2021 goal? No. But we’re setting a 2022 one anyways 😅

3. Templates

I LOVE making Instagram templates!! And in 2022 I want to continue to make them for every month and other random things. This year I’ll also be saving everything into a Google Drive folder so people can easily access them whenever.


1. Hit 75% on Netgalley

Okay so I failed my 70% goal from last year (I got to 67% though so I was close!). So in 2022 I want to hit at least 75%. My secret goal is of course 80% but we’re sticking with 75% as the official goal.

2. Be More Selective

My main focus for arcs this year is to be more selective about what I’m requesting and downloading. I tend to overwhelm myself and then lose interest in certain titles. I want to make sure the things I’m downloading are something I’m HIGHLY anticipating. Rather than something I’m just somewhat interested in.

3. Review Every Book (on time)

Now this isn’t to say every book will have a lengthy, in depth review. I just want to make sure I’m writing at least a sentence or 2 on Goodreads within a reasonable time. I actually did really well with this last year and it made a huge difference when I was compiling lists. I get really overwhelmed if I compile too many books to review at once so I like to do this as I finish the books.

That’s it!! It’s a lot of goals across a whole ton of platforms. But I’m excited to see where the year takes me!

What are some of your goals for the new year?!

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