Summer Unhaul

It’s time for another unhaul! I like to keep my shelves somewhat manageable, so at least twice a year I like to go through and get rid of anything I’m no longer interested in or didn’t enjoy and don’t want to keep. Here is what I took to Half Price Books to sell!


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October TBR Unhaul

This new series was inspired by the TBR Closet Unhaul by Books and Lala and Down the TBR Hole by Lost in a Story. Both of these series were/are about clearing out that ever growing TBR pile. Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all the books on my TBR, both physical and online. My bookish tastes are always changing but I rarely clear off my shelves or Goodreads account.

For this unhaul, I’m looking back on my bookstagram at the books I hauled in this month 1 year ago – I started the account a year ago in October so it works out perfectly. And I’m going to force myself to either read the books I haven’t picked up yet, or unhaul them.


On Goodreads I’ll find all the books I added in that month and reevaluate if I still want to read them. I’m not going to force myself to read these since I don’t necessarily own them, I just want make sure I’m only saving books I’m actually interested in. If the list is really long, I may split it up or change how I do this.

NOTE: I retain the rights to alter these rules at any time 🙂

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