Reading Update

Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and give a little update since I haven’t been around much this month.

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Where I’ve Been

It has been a wild start to 2019.

Both my fiancé and I got really sick the first week of the new year. If you got the awful cold that was going around, you understand how long the thing lasts! It was not fun.

I also work full-time as a software engineer in medical research and things have been crazy busy! We have so many open projects, papers going out, and new proposals coming  in (all good things!). But it’s made for very little down time during the day. And since I stare a computer all day, it can be hard to come home and do it some more.

On top of that we’ve trying to finalize the remaining big details for our wedding in September! So we’ve spent lots of evening and weekends meeting with vendors and going over details. Wedding planning has been really enjoyable but also time consuming.

So overall things have just been busier than normal. Making it harder to squeeze in reading time, nonetheless blog time. But one of my 2019 goals was to prioritize my blog, so I will try and find a way to make it fit!

I do keep my Goodreads as up to date as possible. So my reviews can usually be found there before I post them here! I have 2 reviews coming here this week though!

Reading Update

Recently Finished


I just finished We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott. Sadly this book was a bit of a mess to me – I gave it ⭐️⭐️

This is YA mystery/thriller following the main character, Cobain, right after his girlfriend disappears. Everyone thinks she just ran off, but Cobain thinks something more malicious has happened.

The writing style of this was such an odd choice – it’s told in second person, from multiple perspective, and in multiple time lines. It made the story confusing and hard to connective with. On top of that, the romance was so problematic and cringe. My full review will be coming on Sunday.

Currently Reading

DreamersThis was one of my most anticipated books of the year! I’m about half way through and it is absolutely amazing so far! I’m hoping to binge the last half this weekend because I just need to know how this one ends.

I do want to give a little heads up – this story seriously triggers my anxiety. It takes place in the near future when climate change has gotten even worse – lakes are drying up, forest fires are more abundant than ever. And now an unknown, highly infectious disease is causing people to fall asleep. Their brains show increased signs of activity but no one can wake them. If disease and health issues are a source of anxiety for you, tread lightly with this one. Karen Thompson Walker builds such a realistic world that it feels like this could happen.

Currently Listening

thefinalsixI’ve been in a Science Fiction mood lately and heard about this in a recommendation video by Books and Lala. It was available on Hoopla from my library so I decided to give it a try! So far it’s a really fun, light YA sci-fi. The audiobook is really good so far, it has two narrators for the two perspectives – which I always appreciate.

This is also a post climate change world (a lot of the world has flooded or become inhabitable) and NASA is launching a mission to inhabit Jupiters moon, Europa. 24 teens have been drafted to the International Space Training Camp to compete for the 6 spots on the first mission. It’s told in alternating perspectives – Leo, a Italian national swimmer, and Naomi, an US science prodigy.

What are you currently reading?


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