Romance Book Recommendations

Happy Valentines day everyone!


Honestly I’m not a huge Valentines day fan. My fiancé have been together over 6 years and have never once celebrated. But I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about some of my favorite romances! Whether you plan to go out for a fancy dinner or stay home, these are the perfect Valentines day accompanists.

These are in no particular order. I don’t think I could choose one even if I tried.

1. The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

Pick this up if you’re looking for: Hard-hitting romance and lots the tears

This is an adult, contemporary romance that follows 2 people in the wake of 9/11 and their decade long romance. This is also a very polarizing book! So while this was an easy 5 star for me, this book has it’s share of 1 stars on Goodreads. I was a sobbing mess by the last page, so definitely have tissues handy.

2. What He Doesn’t Know series by Kandi Steiner

Pick this up if you’re looking for: An angsty, love-triangle done perfectly

This is an adult romance following a woman who’s marriage has fallen to shambles. When a man from her childhood comes back, her world is turned upside down. Now she forced to choose between the man she said forever to and the man who finally makes her feel alive and wanted again. I was skeptical going into this, but holy cow, it’s handled so beautifully. It’s also a great audiobook if that’s something you like!

3. My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan

Pick this up if you’re looking for: A smart, witty romance

Ella is Rhodes scholar spending a year at Oxford. On her first day she has a run in with a smart-mouthed local Jaime, who also turns out to be her English lit teacher. A late night drink turns into a fling but soon they’re forced to face the secret Jaime has been hiding from the world. This book is fun and flirty, but still has some hard-hitting substance to it. I was so surprised by how much I feel for this story.

4. Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy

Pick this up if you’re looking for: Steamy, swoon-worthy romance

This is a new adult, smutty romance series and my latest guilty pleasure series. It follows a group of hockey players at an elite college. Each book is the romance/HEA for each of the 4 men living together off-campus. These are sexy af and really adorable. They are also quite cheesy so go into it with the right mindset!

5. Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Pick this up if you’re looking for: A light-hearted, happily ever after

This is such a unique, contemporary romance. It is told in alternating timelines, following 2 possible scenarios, after the main character runs into an old flame. Is true love real? Do we have single soul-mate?

6. All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

Pick this up if you’re looking for: A long, hard cry

I read this entire book in 1 sitting and was crying from the very beginning to the end. And for awhile after that. Content warning for miscarriage and infertility with this one! This follows a couple who have struggled to conceive and the strains it has brought to their marriage. This book is so real, and raw, and intense. Another one of my favorites of 2018, highly recommend.

What are some of your favorite romance books?


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