Books & Coffee: February 25 – March 3

New week, new releases! Grab some coffee and let’s chat about what’s coming this week ♥



I didn’t find any readathons to finish out February, however the are a couple month long readathons for March, as well as a new readathon starting on the 1st!

1. Wyrdathon

I had absolutely no idea this readathon existed until I started writing this post and if I wasn’t in the pits of a reading slump, I’d totally participate! This is just a fun, unique readathon! It was created by Brody from Et tu, Brody? on Youtube and runs from March 1st -7th. The concept of the readathon is word associations. So there is an entire board of single words and you choose any number of prompts and book that you think corresponds to that word. This is  such a fun idea!! Definitely check out their Twitter page for more info!

2. The Irish Readathon

This is a month long readathon hosted by four Irish Booktubers. There are 4 reading prompts geared towards writing Irish authors and literature. If you’re looking to diversify your reading, this is the perfect readathon for you! Check out the announcement videos for all the info!

3. Monstrous March

The last month long readathon is hosted by book blogger Kathy from Books and Munches. This is a laid back readathon all about reading thriller, horror, and suspense novels. Check out her blog post for all the details and other month long reading challenges she hosts!

New Releases

I am living for this weeks releases! There are some huge fantasy titles being released this week – and all of them feature some strong a$$ women!

1. We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia

This is YA, fantasy about an all-girls boarding school that primes young women for 2 different lives – either to run a household or raise children. But a resistance group is rising. The main character, Dani, is forced to choose between her privileged life or fighting back. This book seems to have everything I love, boarding school setting, sapphic relationships, female empowerment, fantasy elements. I cannot flipping wait to pick this one up!

2. The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

Holy cow has this book been hyped. I’ve been seeing this everywhere in like August 2018. So I have some high expectations at this point. It’s also a BEAST of a book! According to Goodreads it’s just shy of 850 pages. This is an epic fantasy about a queendom (yas) with no heir, dragons, and a secret society with forbidden magic. Which are pretty much every fantasy lover’s keywords.

3. Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte

I’ve unfortunately heard some pretty mediocre things from early reviewers I trust. However, I’m still hyped for this release. This is feminist (I’m seriously living for this weeks releases) fantasy meets murder mystery novel. When the skilled thief, Keralie, witnesses the murder of the 4 queens, she goes on the run with with a man she stole from. Now they are trying to stay alive and unravel the mystery of who killed the queens.  I love fantasy and I love mysteries. I’m so excited to read this unique mashup!

4. Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zentner

This is the only one on this list not on my TBR. This is a YA, contemporary about two best friends who host a campy feature at their local cable station. It’s a story about their friendship and how growing up might be pulling them apart.

Reading Update

Alright I’ve talked about this a little on my Instagram but I’m in the depths of a pretty nasty reading slump. I keep picking things up but nothing is capturing me. I’ve only been able to finish 2 full books this month and both were romance (and 1 was an audiobook). So I have no updates for recently finished books. Reading slumps are the damn worst.

Currently Reading

I’m still trying to push through the slump though.

My currently reading is actually identical to last week… I still have the next Teagan Hunter book on Hoopla so hopefully I can get to that during the work day. And I have The Blood Spell by C.J. Redwine from the library. This was supposed to be my read for last week’s readathon but that definitely didn’t happen.

This week is crazy busy but I’m still hoping it’s better reading-wise!

Up Next

Oh man, I have SO many books borrowed from the library right now. And I want to get to all of them asap. Seriously guys this slump needs to end asap! So I’m not totally sure what I’m going to pick up next, but I will definitely share on my Instagram when I decide. Follow me there for more daily reading updates!

I’d love to hear your reading plans for the week! Are you picking up any of the new releases?!


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