I Wanna Text You Up (Text #2) Review



Title: I Wanna Text You Up (Text #2)
Teagan Hunter
Auidobook, 6 Hours 17 min 
Goodreads page


This follows Zoe, the roommate of Deliah from book 1. Deliah is moving out and now Zoe is on the hunt for a new roommate. She sends out an ad and an unlikely person becomes her new roommate. Now, despite the obstacles in their way, they’re falling for each other.

My Review


This was another light, fun read. I’m really loving this series! This one didn’t quite live up to book one, but I still really enjoyed it.
Like the rest of the series, this is told heavily through text/emails.

What I Liked

  1. I love the banter Teagan Hunter writes. Her dialogue is always so witty and downright funny. I find the dialogue in a lot of romances to be cringey but that is definitely not the case with her books. I always find myself grinning and chuckling while I read/listen.
  2. I really liked Zoe as a main character. She had such sass and didn’t take anyone’s shit. Including the love interests. And it was so refreshing to read a female character who entered a relationship because she wanted to and thought about it. Rather than falling blindly within seconds of meeting.

What I Didn’t Liked

  1. The actual plot of this one was a little lacking however. I had 45 min left in the audiobook when I thought to myself: ‘man.. when are we getting Caleb’s back story?’ And then when it was revealed, it felt kinda.. blah. His story was built up so much I was expecting this major reveal. But it wasn’t. And by the time it was “revealed” it was already resolved.

Overall, I’m still completely obsessed with Teagan Hunter’s writing and books. I’m now on the the hunt for book 3 since my library doesn’t have the audiobook (*Sigh…*). If you’re looking for a witty, fun romance – pick up this series!


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