Fierce Females | Characters

Friday is International Women’s Day so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about some amazing women in literature. Let’s kick things off with some of my favorite female characters!


1. Blue Sargent – The Raven Cycle

Blue marches to the beat of her own drum. Unapologetically. And I love her for it. It’s so refreshing to see young women in books being exactly who they want to be.

2. Veronica Speedwell – Veronica Speedwell Series

In a time when society thought very little of women, Veronica Speedwell makes some serious waves. She has a career, no husband, and is considered “un-ladylike”. And I find her empowering, hilarious, and highly relatable.

3. Cinder – The Lunar Chronicles

Despite everything that is stacked against her, Cinder never lets anything bring her down. I love how strongly she loved her friends, no matter their appearance or internal workings.

4. Vin – Mistborn Trilogy

Vin is the epitome of a strong female rebel. She is powerful, both physically and emotionally.

5. Evelyn Hugo – The Seven Husband of Evelyn Hugo

Evelyn is my queen. In a time when everything was stacked against her, she made her mark anyways. She made tough choices and stood behind them unwavering. I admire anyone who goes after exactly what they want despite the odds.

6. Stevie Bell – Truly Devious Series

I love smart, female characters. Stevie is passionate and dedicated. And she isn’t afraid to stand out and go after her dreams.

7. Mara – Girl Made of Stars

I can’t even imagine being in the situation Mara finds herself in. But she stood fast to what she believed and didn’t let anyone or anything sway her.

8. Lei – Girls of Paper and Fire

The things Lei had to go through were absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. But her strength to face it all and keep fighting, is inspiring. And to fight for love, despite it all, was such a beautiful thing to read.

9. Katie, Cece, Roberta, Sonia – The Broken Girls

This is one of my favorite female friendships of all time. The bond these girls had literally lasted a lifetime. They supported each other through some truly terrible things and were there for each other when no one else was. Women supporting women ♥

10. Mena – Girls with Sharp Sticks

This entire book is about female empowerment. Mena is such a strong character. Not only does she stand up for herself, but she stands up for the other women around her.


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