The Foxe & the Hound Review



Title: The Foxe & the Hound
R.S. Grey
Audiobook, 8 Hours 35 Minutes
Goodreads page


Madeline is 27, still single, and recently adopted a dog, Mouse, who won’t stop growing.

Adam, a veterinarian, just moved to Texas to be closer to his family after going through a messy breakup.

After a terrible first impression, the two keep running into each other. So they agree to help each other out – Madeline will play Adam’s girlfriend to get his family off his back, and Adam will help save Madeline’s career.


This is told in dual perspectives from Madeline and Adam’s point of view.

Overall, this was a fun, sweet romance, but it doesn’t stand out amongst all the romances I’ve read. While I enjoyed this while reading, it isn’t a story that will stay with me forever.

What I Liked

  1. Madeline was a great character. She was snarky, and driven, but still relatable and realistic. And I absolutely fell in love with her and her dog. Their relationship was absolutely heart warming. As someone with a massive dog, I totally related to her struggles.
  2. Adam’s family were great side characters. I legitimately want to be friends with his mother. The banter overall was so well done and had me giggling while listening to this.
  3. The tension in this was well done and super steamy. It was the perfect balance between building tension but not having it be too slow burn.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. Honestly this book is just a little forgettable. I’m writing this review 10 days after finishing and the details are already a little fuzzy. This was a cute romance, but it didn’t do anything special or outstanding.
  2. I didn’t dock anything from my rating for this but I wanted to mention it – the audio for this wasn’t my favorite. The female actresses was so overly animated. Just heads up if audiobooks are your thing. This isn’t one I’d necessarily recommend.

Overall, I really enjoy R.S. Grey’s books! They are quick, steamy romances – and perfect as audiobooks. I definitely plan to pick up some more of her books!


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