Netflix Book Tag

I haven’t actually watched Netflix in ages… But this seemed like a fun tag to do anyways!


1. Recently Watched: The book you most recently read

This was my first read for Bookopoly! I’m just about finished and I am absolutely in love with it!


2. Top Picks: A book recommended to you based on another book you’ve read

These two books gave me very similar vibes! If you liked either of these, I definitely recommend checking out the other!


3. Recently Added: The book you most recently bought

I picked up Say You Still Love Me from Barnes & Noble and my August Book of the Month picks just came in!


4. Popular on Netflix: One book that you have and one book that you haven’t read that everyone has been talking about

I’ve read Wilder Girls but I haven’t read Aurora Rising (and have absolutely NO interest)


5. Comedies: A funny book

This entire series is laugh out loud funny!


6. Dramas: A character that is a total drama king or queen

I have no idea how to answer this one 😅

7. Cartoons: a book with cartoons on the cover


8. Watch again: a book or series you want to read again

I’m actually not big on rereading. But I will occasionally revisit a series when a new book is being released and I can’t remember much. Here’s a couple I might reread when the sequels are released!


9. Documentaries: a non-fiction book that you would recommend to everyone

I can’t remember the last non-fiction book I read haha.

10. Action & Adventure: an action packed book


11. New releases: A new release or soon-to-be-released book that you’re excited about

All of them haha! Here’s a handful though


Consider yourself tagged!!


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