HP Spells Book Tag

September felt like the perfect time do this HP themed book tag!


1. ACCIO – An upcoming release you wish you could get your hands on right now.


Here are four 2020 releases I’d give an arm for! (And I actually JUST got an arc of Sun Down Motel and I definitely screamed a little).

2. ALOHOMORA – Favorite series starter.


How do I pick just one?! Omg I don’t know how to choose… Here’s 4 haha

3. CHEERING CHARM – A book that gave you all the warm Fuzzies.


This book just feels like warm, southern summer. And it was so beyond sweet. If you’re a romance fan, definitely check this out! Bonus – book 2 is being released this month!

4. AGUAMENTI – A Book that made you ugly cry.


Omg I sobbed uncontrollably for like an hour after I finished this book.

5. EXPECTO PATRONUM – Bookish Hero or Heroine you want around to protect you in Real Life.



6. LUMOS – A book you Intentionally spoiled for yourself.

I’ve only ever done this for books I had no intention of reading but wanted to listen to someones spoiler-y review for.

7. IMPERIO – A book you wish you could make everyone read because you loved it so much.


I will never get over my love for this book.

8. ENGORGIO – A book or series you wish never ended.

None? I prefer when series wrap up and stay that way. I’m not a big fan of revivals and spin offs.

9. WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA – A book with an uplifting ending or message.


I loved this book and it’s message. If you’re looking for a really unique contemporary romance, definitely check this one out!

10. OBLIVIATE – A book you wish you could forget you ever read.


This book was so. flipping. boring.

11. ANAPNEO – An author whose books always get you out of a slump.


I listened to this on audio last year to get me out of my months long slump.

12. JELLY-LEGS JINX – A swoon-worthy Hero or Heroine.


I read a lot of romance so this was hard. But I read this super recently and I’m still swooning over the male love interest from this.

13. ARESTO MOMENTUM – A book that caused you to stop doing all other things until you finished it.


I binged this entire series in a couple days because I could not stop reading.

14. CRUCIO – A book that was painful to read.


Painful is the only word I can use to describe this book. This is one of my least favorite reads of 2019 but take my opinion with a grain of salt, everyone else seems to love it.

15. RICTUSEMPRA – A book that had you laughing out loud.


Teagan Hunter’s banter never ceases to make me laugh out loud. If you want an absolutely hilarious, steamy, low-angst romance, you can’t go wrong with her books!

16. EXPELLIARMUS – A book that made you want to send it flying


This ending….

17. PORTUS – A bookish world you wish you could visit.


I want to find doors and travel to other worlds!

18. STUPEFY – A book with a shocking twist or ending


I really liked the twist in this!

19. AVADA KEDAVRA – A character death that destroyed you.

Um spoilers…

20. FINITE INCANTATEM – Best series conclusion

I haven’t actually finished many series… And I can’t think of one that I absolutely LOVED.

If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!!


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