Friday Favorites: Fall Hallmark Rom-Coms

I love Hallmark movies. I live for all the cheesy romance. Here are some of my favorite fall Hallmark rom-coms!

1. October Kiss


I flipping love Sam Jaeger. I will watch and drool over him in anything 😅 This is about a woman who becomes the nanny for single father (one of my favorite romance tropes) and their inevitable romance. Plus the kids in this are really funny! This one in particular is pretty Halloween centric, but it’s still a favorite.

2. A Harvest Wedding


This is a cute second chance romance between 2 high school sweethearts. The main character is a wedding planner and she is planning the wedding of her ex-beau’s brother. This one is definitely cheesy but it’s sweet and feels very fall.

3. Fall for Vermont


Another favorite! This has all the rom-com highlights – amnesia AND a wardrobe/shopping montage!!! Plus it’s all about an author and book lovers. The heroine is a best selling author loses her memory after an accident. She winds up stranded in small town and romance ensues between her and the town doctor (also a single father because obviously).

4. Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade


I know this one looks Christmas-y but the whole movie takes place leading up to Thanksgiving day – so it’s perfect for this month! It’s an enemies to lovers romance (a popular favorite).

5. Pumpkin Pie Wars


This is another fun enemies to lovers rom-com! It’s about dueling families who own competing bakeries. The main characters’ are competing in the baking contest that ruined their mothers’ friendship. But instead the completion brings them closer together.

Do you enjoy cheesy rom-coms this time of year?? What are some of your favorites?


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