2019 DNF’s

DNFing (Did Not Finish) is controversial but honestly I do it all the time. Here are the books I officially DNF’d this year.

I don’t think these are all of the books I DNF’d but these are all the ones that are on my official DNF shelf on Goodreads. Some of these I got pretty far in and others I put down super quickly. But I will not be picking any of these back up again (sorry you can’t convince me otherwise 😅)

1. Birthday Girl by Melissa de la Cruz


This was a pretty quick DNF. Wow was this unbearable. In my defense these has atrocious ratings on Goodreads so I feel no guilt. This is the second story by this author I’ve hated so I think she’s officially on my not-for-me list.

2. This is Crazy (This is #1) by Natasha Madison


Oof… this was so bad. The writing in this was just such a mess I don’t think I made it past the 9% mark.

3. Little Darlings by Melanie Golding


This was another early DNF but this one was a case of it’s-not-you-it’s-me. I couldn’t get into the writing style of this and didn’t want to push through and give it a lower rating because of it. But I know this one has gotten really good ratings.

4. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco


I actually made it 30% of the way through this but I was so bored I couldn’t push on.

5. Faker by Sarah Smith


Part of me wants to push this on my least favorite of the year list because I actually made it over half way through this. Ugh.. this was so beyond cringey I couldn’t read another dang page.

6. Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado


I tried listening to this on audio and I just couldn’t keep anything straight. These stories are SO DANG WIERD. And the narrator didn’t make it clear when a new story was starting. So I kept getting lost. I decided I just didn’t care enough to continue on or try it physically.

7. The Diviners (The Diviners #1) by Libba Bray


I tried ya’ll. Twice. But the truth is Libba Bray and I just don’t get along. I HATED A Great and Terrible Beauty (it is literally one of my most disliked books of all time) and this was so unnecessarily long. I swear I listened to this audiobook for like 2 straight weeks and still had like 4 hours left before I said screw it. I get why this book is so well loved but I don’t vibe with Bray’s writing the way everyone else does. It never sucks me in and her books feel like such a chore. So sadly she is also officially going on my not-for-me list.

8. The Furies by Katie Lowe


Another book I DNF’d only a few pages in. This writing was pretentious to the extreme. I just couldn’t. By the looks of the Goodreads rating, I’m not alone in my feelings.

Do you DNF or do you push through even when you’re not enjoying a book?


11 thoughts on “2019 DNF’s

  1. I don’t DNF often, and I try to do it more because I don’t see the point in reading I book I don’t like! But for some reason I feel bad for not finishing a book..
    I actually DNF’ed Ninth house this morning.. I really wanted to love that one, but it was just not my thing..


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    • I’ve found that pushing through makes me slumpy and not want to read. I definitely felt guilty at first! But now I look at it and say everyone is better off if I put this down than push through and give it a super low rating. That sucks you didn’t like Ninth House though 😞 It seems like a super polarizing book! I’ll be curious to see how I feel whenever I finally get to it haha

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      • I feel like now that I’m slowly doing it more and more, I start to feel less guilty as well!
        Yeah people seem to either love it or be very disappointed by it!

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