Book Review: One Week ‘Til Christmas by Belinda Missen



Title: One Week ‘Til Christmas
Belinda Missen
Ebook, 179 pages
Goodreads page

I received an arc copy of this from HQ Digital via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Isobel is in London to enjoy a holiday vacation. She plans to go out and do as many holiday activities that she can. When she runs into (literally) a man while waiting for the bus, she assumes she’s imagined their chemistry.

But it seems like fate when she’s forced to work during her vacation and interviews Tom – the man you nearly ran her over. Now they have 7 days to enjoy the holiday season together before returning to their hectic, travel filled lives


➸ POV – 1st person from Isobel’s POV

➸ Isobel Bennett – Travel writer, Blogger, Australian, Constantly on the move

➸ Tom Bracken – Famous, up and coming British actor, Also constantly traveling and rarely home

➸ Content Warnings: None

My Thoughts

This was a wonderfully warm and funny holiday read! This book 100% got me into the holiday spirit with all the cozy Christmas markets and events. I felt like I was exploring December in London right along with the characters.

The setting might have been my absolute favorite part of this story. I loved hearing about London during the holidays and desperately want to travel there and experience it for myself. Everything about this book just felt so cozy and atmospheric. I also loved how this story was a count down to the holiday. Every day Isobel experienced something new and festive – markets, skating, show, etc.

Isobel has to make some tough decisions about her career and really enjoyed reading about her sticking to her guns and morals. She was such a strong character that I loved reading from. She wasn’t willing to compromise on her beliefs or dreams for anyone – including the man she was falling for. I’m always here for independent, driven female MC’s!

This just isn’t a book that is going to stick with me. It was fun and exactly what I wanted in a holiday read but it didn’t do anything new or outstanding. Overall this was a great holiday rom-com! It had really sweet moments, believable conflicts, and cozy atmosphere and setting. It’s just not a story I’m going to remember 4 months from now.

If you’re in the market for a quick holiday story to get you into the Christmas spirit – this is a great option!!


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