Top Ten Tuesday: 2019 Bookish Discoveries

In 2019 I learned a lot about my reading.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

1. Romance is my favorite genre

I really discovered and explored my love for this genre in 2019.

2. 9 times outta 10, I don’t like royalty fantasy

This was a tough one to accept! A solid majority of YA fantasy is high, royalty fantasy and that’s just not my thing. I think that’s the main reason I struggled so much with fantasy in 2019 – I was still trying to force myself to pick up these stories I wasn’t interested in because they were so popular. There are obviously exceptions to the rule (Throne of Glass) but I’m being far more honest and selective about the fantasy I’m picking up now.

3. Audiobooks!

Such a great addition to my 2019 reading! I’m so glad I finally gave them a shot. I listened to so many great books on audio last year.

4. Teagan Hunter

My new favorite author! I’m so glad I discovered (and binged) her in 2019. So many new favorites books of all time.

5. Mass market paperbacks aren’t evil

I always avoided mass market paperbacks like the plague. But I’ve found that I actually enjoy these small books! I find them easy to hold and since they’re so cheap, I don’t feel guilty messing them up a little (I’m a dog-earer and spine breakers, sue me).

6. I love books about books

I love books about books! Whether it’s a book inside a book, or a book about libraries, or authors, etc. It’s something I rated really highly in 2019. These were some of my favorites.

7. I prefer smutty, adult romance

While romance as a whole is my favorite genre, I really don’t enjoy overly sappy or young romance. I want my romance to be about adults and I want it have adult content #noshame

8. Stop buying books because of the hype


I bought so many hyped books in 2019 that I eventually unhauled because I wasn’t interested in them anymore. I’ve really learned to better assess what books I’m truly interested in versus which ones I’m riding the hype train for.

9. I don’t need to request every book I’m interest in as an ARC…

I fell into a huge Netgalley/Edelweiss trap in 2019. I was so excited about getting the opportunity to read ARCs that I requested any and every book I was mildly interested in. And then I received all of them…. So as of right now I have about 50 unread ARCs between the 2 sites. In 2020 I’m going to be far more selective. There are release days in early 2020 that I have 6+ ARCs for… not cool past Robin…

10. I need to expand my horizons!

I love romance but I need to expand my reading horizons! When I pick up the right books outside my favorite genre, I’m blown away by how much I enjoy them. So in 2020 I’m trying new things ♥


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