2020 Goals Check In: January

In 2020 I set myself some specific reading goals/challenges for each month. I want to make sure I’m staying accountable, so at the end of every month, I’m planning on of these check in posts so see if I completed my goals for that month!


1. Review Every Book ✅

Technically I have 3 reviews (the last 3 books I finished) not posted yet, but all the reviews are in process! So they’ll be posted in the next couple days. I’m so proud of myself! Hopefully I can continue this momentum throughout the year!

2. Read 100 Books

I’ve read 12 / 100 books so far! According to Goodreads that puts me “5 books ahead of schedule”

3. Read 2 books off my backlist TBR ✅

Winterwood WhisperNetwork

Okay so technically I’m cheating a little this month 😅 I only read Winterwood. BUT! I’m unhauling Whisper Network. I won’t do this every month if I don’t complete a challenge, but I tried starting Whisper Network multiple times and just had no interest in carrying on. So it’s time to part ways. I’m counting this challenge complete since technically my TBR shelf has 2 less books on it.

4. Read outside my comfort zone ❌

Dang it! I didn’t get to The Luminous Dead….

5. Read at least 2 books in an open series ✅

ArchangelsKiss HandOnTheWall

6. Read at least 1 BOTM book ✅


7. Romanceopoly ✅

LoveHerLoseHer ColdheartedBoss

Got 2 challenges completed!! I completed Winter (Blue Cover) and Amour Avenue (Second Chance Romance)

8. January TBR

I ended up switching up my TBR a bit and subbed a couple of books (Coldhearted Boss, and Archangel’s Kiss). But overall, I finished 5/9 and unhauled 1. So not bad!

9. Seasonal TBR

I currently have 6 / 10 completed! And there’s still 7 weeks left!

Not bad for the first month of the year! I didn’t get to The Luminous Dead but overall I hit the majority of my January TBR! Hopefully these monthly check-ins keep me from losing track of my goals or TBR books!

Did you set any January or yearly goals? How are they going so far??


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