2020 Favorite Winter Reads

I read some amazing books this season!

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I’ve read some new favorites the last couple months! These were all 5 star reads! And considering how stingy I normally have with 5 star ratings I’m really excited about that. Hopefully I can keep this momentum through all of 2020 (especially since 2019 was such a lackluster reading year).

1. Credence by Penelope Douglas


While I enjoyed Birthday Girl, I wasn’t blown away like everyone else. So while I was excited for this new release, my expectations were tempered. But holy cow… this book was the most wild of rides. I have never read a romance novel so forbidden, sexy, and unputdownable. I’ve gushed in excess over this novel so if you want to hear more thoughts, definitely check out my review.

2. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw


I’m going to apologize now for all the people who read this on my recommendation and were disappointed 😅 I seem to be in the minority over my love for this book. I think this book was just exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. It’s so magical, atmospheric, and contains some of my favorite plot devices – magical woods/nature and a book inside of a book. In my full review I talk in detail about what I loved and what might make this a book that’s is or isn’t for you.

3. The Grace Year by Kim Liggett


It’s a tragedy that I put this book off for so long – especially since I had an ARC copy. This was a spectacular, feminist story that had my heart in pieces by the end. This is another one that I wrote a full gushing review for, so definitely check that out above. If you enjoy dystopians or books that have you questioning if they’re paranormal/magical, this could definitely be a book you’d love.

4. Dead Voices (Small Spaces #2) by Katherine Arden


This is hands down the biggest surprise of the season! While I enjoyed book 1, I didn’t find it to be anything outstanding. This sequel though blew me away. I flew through this (it is short and middle grade but still) and legitimately creeped out by portions of this. I don’t want to go into details on the plot since it’s a sequel, but Katherine Arden writes such magical stories. If you haven’t checked out one of her books yet, do yourself a favorite and do it immediately.

5. House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) by Sarah J. Maas


This will (most likely) be my favorite book of 2020! I loved every damn word of this book. Nothing else really needs to be said. But if you want all my thoughts, my full review is up on Goodreads and will be coming here on the 20th.

What was your favorite book you read this winter?


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