The Bookie Trials Royal Weekender TBR

I made the last minute decision to participate in this short edition of the Bookie Trials Readathon.


NOTE: This post has been getting a ton of traffic lately so I wanted to pop in and let you know that I no longer support this readathon or it’s creator. Recently it’s come to light that Rachel Marie was making horrible and inappropriate racial and sexual comments to other creators and insulting neurodivergent creators and subscribers. I do not condone any of this behavior and did not know of it’s existence when I participated in this readathon. I will absolutely NOT be participating in anything they host in the future.

If you are here looking for the creator’s social media accounts, they were all deactivated after being publicly called out for their behavior. 

So originally, I wasn’t going to be able to participate in this round of the Bookie Trials readathon because I was going on my honeymoon. Buuuuut.. unfortunately that had to be postponed. Not ideal, but I am looking forward to a full weekend of reading.

This is a super extensive readathon so I won’t even try and go into all the details. Here is Rachel’s video which has info on everything.

The gist of it is, this is a weekend readathon to prepare for the big month long version later this summer. I’m on Team Magi and there are 8 challenges for me to complete.

All Team Badges

None of the are “TBR” challenges but rather participation challenges. Which I love.

1. Oathmaker: Shared your TBR ✅

Badge 1 complete!

2. Tournament Ready: Joined a Competition

3. Power Surge: Completed a 2 Hour Sprint

4. Tome Champion: Completed a Book

Magi Badges

Every team has 4 unique challenges.

5. Expansive Lore: Discovered a New World – Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine


This is a super random pick. I was browsing my library before they closed and saw this series available so I decided to pick it up because I love books about books. Now I have this book until May and can’t check out anything new so I figured what better time to read it.

6. Master Your Craft: Watch your fave Booktuber

I’m sure there will be plenty of content to watch this weekend with everyone being stuck at home. So I definitely plan to do plenty of YoutTube binging ♥

7. Clairvoyance: Read a 5 star Prediction – Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey


I’m so desperate to read this book and I definitely think it’s going to be a new favorite! I love Tessa Bailey and I’m all about the paranormal/fantasy romance lately. I’ve heard absolutely amazing things about this so far so hopefully my prediction is correct!

8. Magi Might: Purple on the Cover – The Better Liar by Tanen Jones OR My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid

BetterLiar MyDarlingDuke

I have two, very purple options for this challenge. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be in the mood for or have time for. I have a physical copy of The Better Liar so if I’m in the mood for a third physical read I’ll pick up that. Otherwise I have My Darling Duke as an audiobook on Hoopla. So we’ll just see where the weekend takes me.

That’s all! Are you participating in the weekend readathon?! Share your TBR in the comments!


5 thoughts on “The Bookie Trials Royal Weekender TBR

  1. Sad to hear your honeymoon is postponed.. But I hope now you will still have a good weekend!
    I’m also planning to participate, but I’m team scribes! Also I probably need to work one day 😦 so that will take soe of my time..



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