Book Review: Manhattan (Becker Brothers #3) by Kandi Steiner



Title: Manhattan
Series: Becker Brothers #3
Author: Kandi Steiner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Edition/Pages: Audiobook, 7 Hours 54 Minutes
Goodreads page


The youngest Becker brother, Mikey, is heartbroken when his long time girlfriend leaves their senior year of high school to pursue her music career… without him. Once his graduation ceremony is over, he drops the bomb that he plans to leave their small town behind and move to New York City.

But his long time best friend, Kylie, just got her friend back and doesn’t plan to let him go without a fight. She’s been secretly in love with Mikey since they were kids and can’t imagine her life without him. So she concocts a plan to remind Mikey of all the things he loves he loves about their small town.

One summer. One list of adventures. One last chance to show him how she feels.


➸ POV: 1st Person from Mikey & Kylie’s POVs

➸ Kylie Nelson: 18, Best Friend, Has secretly been in love with Mikey since they were 8, Loves school, Planning gap year

➸ Michael (Mikey) Becker: 18, Heartbroken, Planning to move to New York, Youngest brother

Content Warnings: Death of a parent, Grief, Heartbreak/Breakups

My Thoughts

Kandi Steiner has the amazing ability to weave the most relatable characters and families in the most atmospheric and charming settings. I’m always completely swept away by her books. I 100% wish I could move to this small town and know the Becker family.

This book follows the youngest of the Becker brothers, Mikey. And while I knew this book was coming, I was still really surprised by how young the main characters were. All of the books I’ve read by Kandi have been, very much so, adult/NA books. With lots of adult content. So I was definitely a little surprised by a book with such young characters. But these two were so dang sweet.

Both Kylie and Michael have gone through such difficult and traumatic things in their young lives, and I wanted nothing more than to protect them. They’re both really flawed but likable characters. And their chemistry and connection leapt off the page.

I’ve said this in other recent reviews – but I really prefer my friends to lovers trope to be 2 sided. And this just wasn’t… Kylie has been pining for her best friends since they were children but Mikey has never seen her that way. And he literally takes convincing to get there. Once he does, the romance is sweet. But this sort of imbalance always leaves me with a weird feeling.

On top of that I just have a really hard time buying into a HEA for 18 year old characters.. The ending was really cute, and I like these characters together. But the 30 year old in me just wants to shake these 2 and remind them they’re still young 😅

Side note – I loved the audiobook version of this! I thought both narrators were fantastic!

Overall I thought this was a really sweet story, if not my personal romance preference. And I’m desperate to read the conclusion and learn how the Becker family mystery plays out!!


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