Book Review: A Slice of Love (Slice #3.5) by Teagan Hunter


Title: A Slice of Love
Series: Slice #3.5
Author: Teagan Hunter
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: E-book, 157 pages
Goodreads page


Frankie and Jonas can’t deny their connection despite being a part of totally different worlds. He is the popular jock, on track for the NFL and she is the quiet, good girl everyone avoids. When their one amazing weekend together is ruined by the early return of Frankie’s overly-restrictive parents, Jonas pushes Frankie from his life.

Now, Jonas is back in their hometown, rehabbing his recently injured knee and delivering pizzas for Slice. And the last person he was expecting to deliver to was Frankie, the girl he has never been able to let go of.


➸ POV: 1st Person, Jonas & Frankie’s POV. Dual timeline – 4 years ago & today

➸ Jonas Schwartz – Football player, Recently finished college, NFL dreams, Injured & rehabbing his knee, Back home and delivering for Slice while rehabbing

➸ Frankie Callahan – “Good girl”, Daughter to a pastor & principle, Lonely, Artist

Content Warnings: Homophobia, Cancer

My Thoughts

This was super cute and full of Teagan Hunter’s classic wit and banter. But this novella the tension and build up I love in my romances.

We first meet the characters when they’re finishing up their senior year of high school. But even then, the characters already have a deep running connection. They have one life changing weekend but are forced apart for the next 4 years. And finally reunite when Jonas delivers a pizza to Frankie’s house.

This romance was sweet and adorable but because the MCs already had strong romantic feelings when we’re introduced to them, I had a hard time fully connecting to their relationship. I personally much prefer seeing a couple build that connection either for the first time, or trying to re-build something they lost. In this case, we just had to take their connection at face value. We get snippets of their past and why they feel so strongly for each other, but we never really get to see much of it. Instead it’s just told to us that they have this all-consuming connection.

Which meant most of the novella was instead about external conflicts intermingled with a lot of apologizing.

Overall I just wanted more time seeing the main characters interact and grow as a couple. Their few scenes together had lots of tension and heat but I never fully bought into their deeper connection. I loved the snippets of other characters from this series and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these 2 in futures books and how they connect with the characters we already know and love.


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