FeelGoodAthon TBR!

Time for my first readathon of June!!

The FeelGoodAthon is a readathon created by Jes from Jes Nevertheless and the point is to use the massive list of reading and self care prompts to “create your perfect day”.

This seemed like the perfect way to kick off a new month and I can’t wait to participate!

Definitely check out their Twitter page to follow all the hosts. There will be tons of sprints and live read-ins throughout the 2 weeks!

Here are the 2 challenge prompt lists!

I don’t know what self care prompts I’m going to do.

But I’m going to choose books for 6 of the 10 reading challenges and then just pick up what I’m in the mood for throughout the week.

1. A Book You Have High Hopes For: Lovely War by Julie Berry

I’ve heard amazing things about not only this book but the audiobook in particular so I picked this up on Audible. This is a historical fiction novel told from the perspective of the gods as Aphrodite recounts examples of love during WW1 and WW2.

2. A Short Book:

I have 2 options for this! Upright Women Wanted is a novella that takes place in a near future world that resembles the Wild West. And it follows queer, rebellious, female librarians. Sign me up.

And It Takes Two to Tumble is a queer historical romance that I’ve heard amazing things about. I received and ARC of the 3rd book in this series so I really want to read the first two before diving in to that!

3. Finish or Continue a Series

I have a couple of options for this one! I’ve been working my way through a few series lately and I want to continue them all immediately. I’m not sure which I’ll be in the mood for but I’ll be picking from these four (most likely 😅)

4. A Book With Your Favorite Trope: Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner

This has the fake dating trope which is definitely a favorite of mine!!

5. A Book You Pick Up Because You Love the Cover: Deadly Curious by Cindy Anstey

This cover was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I came across this book! It’s a historical mystery which I love so I’m excited to give this gorgeous book a try!

6. Read a Book By A New To You Author: What Lies Between Us by John Marrs

I know literally nothing about this book, but I’ve heard that’s the best way to go into John Marrs’ books. Can’t wait to read this one!

Are you participating in any readathons next month? Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought of them!


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