Book Review: Wrapped in Love (Boys of Jackson Harbor #4) by Lexi Ryan



Title: Wrapped in Love
Series: Boys of Jackson Harbor #4
Author: Lexi Ryan
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 231 pages
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Molly is back in Jackson Harbor, a place she never thought she’d live again. While her past reputation still haunts her, she’s more worried about remaining platonic her new boss, Brayden Jackson. But after an amazing and unforgettable one-night stand in New York, she’s struggling. Especially when she and her son move into his home and she’s sleeping right down the hall from the man of her dreams. Molly knows Brayden deserves more than what she can offer. But she might not be able to resist him for long.


➸ POV: 1st Person alternating between Molly and Brayden’s POVs

➸ Molly McKinley: 26, Step sister to Ava (heroine from book 3), Mother to Noah, Manager of the new Jackson Brews banquet hall, Bad reputation

➸ Brayden Jackson: 35, Eldest Jackson brother, Owner of Jackson Brews and Molly’s new boss

Content Warnings: MASSIVE content warnings for this one! Sexual assault & rape (including rape of a minor), Bullying, Death of a parent, Cheating, Alcoholism

My Thoughts

After being a little underwhelmed by the last 2 books, I was nervous going into this one. I wasn’t a fan of how far the previous books steered into some of the side plots and away from the individual romances, but this one went back to the type of story I loved in book 1!

I absolutely fell in love with Brayden!! I didn’t think much of him in previous books, because honestly he didn’t get much page time. But holy cow was I swooning over him. He’s so quiet and reserved and I loved getting a chance to see another side of him. I loved a good emotionally damaged hero and he definitely delivered. His backstory was really heart wrenching yet relatable.

I also really grew to like Molly. I was definitely over her character’s drama by the end of book 3. But I enjoyed getting insight into her history and motivations. Her story gets verydark. So massive trigger warnings for sexual assault. It was difficult to read about her past at times and my heart absolutely broke for her. But her stubbornness definitely drove me crazy at times!

I was living for the mutual pining in this! The romantic tension was so intense and palpable – I had all the butterflies. This had the perfect balance of characters wanting to be together but pushing each other away. I love that back and forth and this walked the line perfectly.

Overall this was a super enjoyable romance with lots of romantic tension and really lovable characters. It definitely has some heavy and dark undertones, so make sure you can handle the subject matter before diving in. I’m really excited to get Carter’s story next!!


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