Goal Check In: June

In 2020 I set myself some specific reading goals/challenges for each month and I want to make sure I’m staying accountable. Here’s how June went!

This month started off slumpy but it definitely picked up after the first week!

1. Review Every Book ✅

I fell a little behind at the end of May and early June with everything that was going on. Between the state of the world and my slumpiness, I just wasn’t feeling motivated to do anything. But I’m completely caught up now!!

2. Read 100 Books

I’m at 92 books! Almost there!!

3. Physical TBR Challenge ✅

4. Read outside my comfort zone ✅

OMG I ACTUALLY DID IT!! And Homegoing is a new favorite book of all time. It’s fucking amazing. Please read it.

5. Read at least 2 books in an open series ✅

6. Read at least 1 BOTM book ✅

7. Romanceopoly ✅

Prompt: Passion Place

8. June TBR ❌

My June TBR ended up being a massive bust 😅 I backed out of a couple readathons due to some host’s unacceptable behaviors that I didn’t want to support. Then the others just kinda fell by the wayside… Oh well.

9. Seasonal TBR

I just shared my Summer TBR! It has some carry over from spring since a few releases got pushed back. I haven’t read anything off of it quite yet, but a couple are on my TBR for next week!

Overall I did really well this month! Which was surprising since I mood read almost the entire month and didn’t consciously focus on any of these goals.

How are you doing with your 2020 goals??


5 thoughts on “Goal Check In: June

  1. I love your goal check ins 😀 I love seeing progress especially since I love making lists, and it’s so satisfying to be able to check things off.

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