Books That Are NOT Worth the Hype

Yesterday I shared 5 books that are worth all their hype. Today I’m bashing some of your faves 😅

Okay I’m not really “bashing” anything. But these are 5 seriously popular books that I don’t think are worth the hype. If you’ve been around for a minute you probably already know what books I’m going to mention.

As always: These are simply my opinions. Love the books you love!

1. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – 4.45⭐

I thought I’d just get this one out of the way right away 😅 I’ve been pretty vocal about my opinion on this series. I just… don’t think it’s that great. I personally didn’t love the characters nor the heist. But I’m clearly in the vast minority with this crazy high average rating!

2. Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman – 4.29⭐

Another book-world fav. This was fine. But I don’t understand the fanfare over this book/series. The format is unquestionably cool! But beyond that, I found the characters and plot to be quite average. I will say this has a pretty cool twist at the end! Just not enough so that I ever picked up the sequels….

3. On the Way to You by Kandi Steiner – 4.27⭐

This book has significantly less ratings/reviews than the others this list but I still wanted to include it. This is the highest rated book by one of my favorite romance authors and I just don’t understand why… I’ve enjoyed Kandi’s other books so much more!

4. Regretting You by Colleen Hoover – 4.26⭐

I feel like Colleen Hoover fans fall into one of two categories: either you love her romance and hate her contemporary OR you love her contemporary and loathe her romance. I definitely fall into the first category! This contemporary was boring and I couldn’t stand a single character.

5. Vicious by V.E. Schwab – 4.23⭐

Another popular book I’ve been pretty vocal about. I just don’t get it! This book was the epitome of a 3 star read for me. I finished it, thought it was fine, and promptly I’ve never thought about it again 😅

What are some books you think are over-hyped??


15 thoughts on “Books That Are NOT Worth the Hype

  1. I enjoyed both the books I’ve read from this list (SOC and Vicious), but at the same time I can see why someone would think they’re overrated. I’ve read some Hoover books but this is the first time I see this one. I don’t think I hate any of the two? Maybe it’s been too long since I read any of her books 😂.

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  2. Six of Crows is one of my all-time favourites, but I totally get that if the characters aren’t for you then the book in general won’t be for you because it’s definitely a character-driven book. I know what you mean about Illuminae! I enjoyed it, but the story is one I’ve seen before in sci-fi and I think it only got so much hype because it’s told via mixed media. I haven’t read Vicious yet, but Schwab in general isn’t for me; I love her ideas, I’m just not keen on how she executes them.

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    • I’ve heard that about Schwab a lot recently. I enjoy her middle grade series but that’s all so far. I’m interested to see how Addie La Rue goes – I love the concept but I’m nervous about the execution of it.


  3. I kind of agree w/ you on Six of Crows honestly, like I read it a few years ago and LOVED it and flew through both books but I haven’t reread since and have really no huge desire to? I’ve been on and off about reading Vicious for a long time (honestly half of why I want it is because those covers are so pretty) but I’m so meh about it, I feel like it’ll be lackluster even though people rave so much about it!!


  4. I’m not a fan of CoHo but I loved Regretting You, it was even a 5 star book for me. 😆
    And when it comes to Six of Crow, I enjoyed the duet but didn’t feel the hype, same with VE SCHWAB. But I think that also comes from me not being the right audience for YA fantasy, I have a hard time with this genre.


  5. Totally agree with you on Six of Crows! I really enjoyed the book personally but I’ve always argued that it’s way overhyped. And I think it’s unfair that so many YA books with multiple POVs or plots with heists get compared to it. The Gilded Wolves is better in my opinion 😅

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