Book Review: This Time Tomorrow (Phenomenal Fate #2) by Tessa Bailey

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: This Time Tomorrow
Series: Phenomenal Fate #2
Author: Tessa Bailey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 396 Pages
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Roksana has one job: kill Elias. But all she’s done for the last year and half is max out his credit card. Now she must return to Moscow and accept the impending punishment from her mother. But her mother spares her and assigns her 3 daunting tasks. And this time Roksana is determined to not disappoint. The only thing holding her back is her feelings for Elias and the magical night they had together 3 years ago. But as secrets are revealed, Roksana discovers that maybe she’s been placing her trust in the wrong people all along. 


➸ POV: 3rd Person from Elias & Roksana’s POVs

➸ Roksana: Heiress to the Russian vampire slayer throne, Tasked with seeking revenge and killing Elias, From Moscow

➸ Elias: Vampire, ex-SWAT, Silenced 3 years ago, Works for Vampire King (Jonas from Book 1)

Content Warnings: Murder, Death, Gun Violence

My Thoughts

OMG this was so good! I absolutely devoured this sequel to Reborn Yesterday. All of the angst and pining I was missing in that book were delivered in spades here. I was living for this romance.

Roksana and Elias had the best chemistry. I could feel their connection from the very first page and was routing for them until the very end. This was the perfect enemies/revenge/sorta friends romance with all the angst that I look for. 

I loved the flashbacks sprinkled throughout the book, I thought they added the perfect insight into what lead to the revenge plot without being too info-dumpy. Elias totally won me over – he’s definitely my favorite of the vampires so far! 

The mutual pining in here was next level. I remember I wanted more steam and tension from the characters in Reborn Yesterday and apparently Tessa Bailey was just hoarding it all for this book because WOAH. This book was filled with so much sexual tension – I thought I was going to explode by the time they finally got together. And is classic Tessa Bailey style the sex scenes were 10/10

Overall I loved this romance and these characters. This ending has me so hyped for the final book. I’m a little nervous about Tucker’s book – he’s not my favorite character – but I love this world and trust this author!

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