Goal Check In: September

In 2020 I set myself some specific reading goals/challenges for each month and I want to make sure I’m staying accountable. Here’s how September went!

1. Review Every Book ✅

Okay so… I’m behind. But I WILL CATCH BACK UP!

2. Read 100 Books ✅

I’m now at 141 books! Which absolutely wild to me. I’ve never read anywhere near this much before!

3. Physical/Backlist TBR Challenge ❌

This was an ARC and new release heavy month, so I didn’t read many backlist titles 🙈 I’m reading a few in October though!

4. Read outside my comfort zone ❌

Who’s surprised? I think I’ve only completed this goal like 4 times this entire year 😅

5. Read at least 2 books in an open series ✅

Another series completed! The Hot and Hammered series by Tessa Bailey was a fun ride and this was a satisfying conclusion.

6. Read at least 1 BOTM book ✅ 

I accidentally bought 2 copies this book… and I’m unhauling the BOTM version because I have a signed copy on the way (even though I didn’t really love this one..). But it still counts!

7. Romanceopoly ❌

I skipped this again this month… I definitely think I’m done for the year.

8. September TBR

Lot’s read off my September TBR!

9. Seasonal TBR

I just posted my Fall TBR earlier this week, but I picked this one up right away for Buzzwordathon.

How are you doing with your 2020 goals??


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