2021 Planner Lineup

A new year means new planners!

Like most people, I love starting a new year. There’s something so motivating about having a fresh start.

I have a lot going on this year – both bookish and personal so I needed to update my planners to manage all of that. Which means I ended up with a TON of planners.

Disclaimerthis is in no way necessary. But planning is my other big hobby (hence the blog name) so I find a lot of joy in doing this. It’s excessive, I know. But it works for me and I love it.

So here’s how I’m organizing my life this year!

Let’s Start Bookish

These are the 3 planners I’m using for bookish things.

1 & 2. Reading Journals

First up I have 2 reading journals for 2021. The reason I did 2 is 1) because the spiral notebooks I got are not that large and 2) because I wanted my monthly tracking to be separate from my books reviews. So 1 notebook is simply to track my monthly stuff – TBRs, Readathons, Stats, etc. And the other is exclusively about reviews and some year long lists. In 2021 I really want to do more journaling so I thought reviews for some books would be fun. But I didn’t want them taking up space in my monthly journal.

3. Content Planner

I forgot to take a picture of this, but it’s not that exciting to look at anyways 😅

I use a monthly planner that I got from Barnes & Noble to plan out my blog content and track some stats and that. It’s all just pencil and pen so nothing fancy. Every month I pencil in my posts, jot down ideas in the sidebar, and then once I write/schedule the post, I update it to pen so I know which posts are written and which aren’t. It’s super basic and not that pretty to look at it but it really useful and functional. It’s probably the planner I’d be most lost without.

Now We’re Getting Personal

4. Daily Planner

This is my every day lifeline. It’s what I use for work, to do lists, project tracking, everything. This thing really houses my day to day life. Now that I work from home I need to be super organized. I charge my time hourly to individual projects so I need to keep a place to track all of that as well as meetings, upcoming projects, notes, etc.

Plus I have a personal daily section which is where I track daily events, to do lists, and other life stuff. This is the first thing I open up every morning while I drink my coffee. It’s the other planner I absolutely can’t live without.

5. Home Planner

This is a new edition to my planners and I don’t think it’s one I’ll necessarily keep forever. In 2021 we’re doing a TON of home renovating. Our home was built in 1947 and it needs… work. So this year we’re:

  • Putting up a fence
  • Building a new bathroom
  • Installing a gas fireplace
  • Adding a back door
  • Remodeling our existing bathroom
  • Updating our kitchen
  • Rewiring our entire garage
  • Adding outdoor outlets and lights
  • Getting new internal doors
  • Updating some internal electrical
  • And possibly repaving our patio and adding in a new front and back patio

Which SO MUCH to keep track of. We have multiple contractors, finances to track, appointments and payment deadlines to keep straight. Just so much. And since I work from home I’m the front man on a lot of the contact. So I need to be super organized.

So it has it’s own planner.

6. Archer and Olive Journal

This is another new things I’m trying in the new year. I really want to try daily journaling. I’ve tried (and failed) before. But this year I want to try making it a more creative process. Adding in pictures and papers and whatever else calls to me. And if it doesn’t happen every day, that’s okay. I just want to make time to reflect and be creative when I can.

7. Memory Planner

This is the planner that started it all. This is my version of a scrapbook. I use this planner to journal about what happened each week. I use sticker kits and make everything super pretty. So this isn’t necessarily functional, but rather decorative. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years and it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I love looking back on old planners to see how my style and life has changed over the years.

Do you use a planner? How many do you use and how do you use them??


19 thoughts on “2021 Planner Lineup

  1. So many journals haha! I love how your Daily planner looks!
    I just have a bullet journal for my reading! But I do have a notebook for my blog content, so I guess that one can be counted as well!
    + I have a journal were I sometimes randomly stick in photos and such!


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  2. I love how many planners you have! I used to be such a planner person but stopped using one for a bit. Now I’m trying to get back into planners but struggling to find one that suits my needs. I really like daily planners where I can write up big to do lists. Any chance you have any suggestions for where you buy yours? (I noticed you use a daily planner as well) Thanks! – Amber

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  3. I just discovered digital planners and I’m HOOKED. But also, I really need to organize my time better and keep better track of all my things including bills, due dates, appts, things like that. 2020 I was just so out of it I couldn’t remember anything so I really want to change that in 2021. I’m also starting to use my Google Calendar which I’m wondering why I didn’t before since it syncs to my desktop, laptop, phone and iPad. Like WHAT was I doing this whole time lol!

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  4. I have one catchall planner right now but I can foresee itemized planners in my future. Right now I have my book tracker and reviews in my catchall but we will see how long that lasts.


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