Five Friday Favorites: Halloween Movies

I love October. I love the decorations, reading cozy books, and watching Halloween movies. However.. I hate being scared. I scare really easy and already suffer from crazy nightmares. So I don’t do scary movies. But this time of the year I still want to get into the Halloween spirit. So here’s a list of my favorite non-spooky Halloween movies!

1. Hocus Pocus

This is probably on everyone’s list of favorite Halloween movies. It’s a classic and I watch it on Halloween day every year.

2. Practical Magic

This is honestly as close to spooky as I get. This movie has it all – romance, heartbreak, family drama, magic… I watch it every year when I hang up my Halloween decor. Perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I’m a firm believer that this is exclusively a Halloween movie, fight me.

4. The Addams Family

I’m lumping both movies into this category because I love them both.

5. Halloweentown

Last but not least. I love this cheesy, Disney classic. I own all the movies (because that’s just the type of person I am) but the first two are definitely the best. If you need some Halloween fluff in your life, look no further.

Are you a scary movie lover? What are you favorite Halloween movies – both scary and non?

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