Sbooktober TBR

Alright guys, this is my last readathon of the month! I totally failed at the RIP readathon and haven’t done great for spookathon. But I have high hopes for Sbooktober nonetheless.

Sbooktober is a readathon hosted by Derby_Lane Reading, Chelsea Palmer, Paper Faerie, Don’t Stop Readin’, and ZarriahRose. There’s fun events going on all month, so definitely check out their channels or twitter for those! But the readathon itself runs from October 21st-27th.

This is one of the most unique readathons I’ve done. There are challenges that everyone does, and the last 2 challenges are unique to what group or clan you decide to join. I went with the Bruja clan with Derby so my TBR will show only those challenges. Check out the announcement videos for the other group options and challenges!

1. Halloween Themed

For this I’m going to read the new Hocus Pocus sequel. I know this has gotten some pretty bad reviews but I still want to read it and I think it’ll be a great, quick readathon book. If you haven’t heard, this book has 2 parts. The first 1/3 is a film to book adaptation of the original movie. And then the last 2/3 is a sequel about the original character’s children.

2. Book with Witches or Witchcraft

Hocus Pocus could also cover this challenge. But if I can, I’m planning to listen to the audiobook of Practical Magic. This is one of my favorite Halloween movies but I’ve never actually read the original book. From what I’ve heard, the book is completely different than the movie so I’m really excited to get to this. This is about 2 sister, Gillian and Sally, who grow up in a small town in Massachusetts. They are taunted for being witches and dream of one day escaping. Years later they do escape, only to be pulled back to the town and each other.

3. Haunted House

I’m going with a middle grade classic for this one, The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. It’s been years since I’ve read a Ray Bradbury book and I had never even heard of this one. It’s about a group of kids heading out to a haunted house on Halloween night. But instead they are swept away into a magical darkness. This sounds really fun and spooky. Plus it’s a short, middle grade novel, making it a perfect readathon book.

4. Short Story Collection

For this I’m reading another middle grade book, Scream and Scream Again by R.L. Stine. This is a collection of 13 spooky stories from R.L. Stine and other YA authors. I’ve been holding onto this book for some time, hoping to fit it into a readathon, so I’m really excited to finally pick it up!

5. A Current or Past Fear

I’m scared of everything so almost any book could fit here haha. But I decided to go with I’m thinking of Ending Things by Ian Reid. This is an adult horror/thriller about a couple heading to a secluded farm. They take an unexpected detour and the girl is left stranded in a deserted high school (seclusion/isolation is the fear I’m going with here). This book is supposed to be pretty creepy so hopefully I actually make it through it.

6. Occult – Bruja Clan Challenge

This is the first challenge for the specific group I chose. For this challenge I’m going with The Price Guide to the Occult by Leslie Walton. It just seemed to fit perfectly for this. I’ve never Leslie Walton’s other book, so I’m hoping I end up enjoying this one. This is about a teenage girl with unremarkable powers. Until she finds a spell book that will cast any spell for the right price…

7. Read Surrounded by Candles

The last challenge isn’t about a specific book. It just says to read around candles – which I love to do anyways!

Let me know if you’re participating and what you’re planning to read!

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