Burn, Rewrite, Reread Challenge

I saw this going around Bookstagarm as a stories template but I hadn’t read most of the books it featured. So I thought it would be fun to take some of favorite and least favorite books and play along here!

Round 1

Burn: Illuminae

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I didn’t think this book was anything special. I was entertained the entire time I read this but I don’t think I could give you a single specific detail about now. I don’t even remember the character’s names… It was just really unmemorable for me.

Rewrite: The Wicked Deep

I really enjoyed this book! But I would rewrite this to remove the insta-love.

Reread: Cress

This was my favorite book in the Lunar Chronicles! So I would actually really love to reread this.

Round 2

This round is going to break my heart. Two of my favorite books of all time are in this round.

Burn: Ruin and Rising

Okay I loved this series. And in a perfect world I’d rather rewrite this one (and remove that ending…). But since the other 2 books are some of favorites of all time, this one had to be sacrificed.

Rewrite: ACOMAF

There’s not much I’d actually change in here. Maybe I’d just remove a few of the “mate(s)” and ellipses?

Reread: Ready Player One

This is my favorite book of all time. I’ve read it 3 times, and I never reread books.

Round 3

Oh god, this round guys. Let’s just get this out of the way – I didn’t love any of these.

Burn: Neverworld Wake

I just really didn’t like this book. I hated the writing style, the characters all felt unrealistic, and the story was unnecessarily repetitive.

Rewrite: Six of Crows

I thought this book was quite boring. The build up and background was so long and then the action felt rushed. So I think I’d make it shorter.

Reread: Throne of Glass

I didn’t actually like this book a ton, I think I gave 2.5/3 stars. But now that the series is over, I think it would be interesting to go back and revisit it with a new perspective.

Round 4

Burn: Scarlet

I loved this series but this was my least favorite book in the series and Scarlet was my least favorite character. So sadly this one goes.

Rewrite: Truly Devious

This was my first YA mystery and it was actually pretty good. It wasn’t my favorite mystery ever but I do plan to continue in the series. I don’t know what I’d change but I didn’t love all the cliff hangers at the end. So maybe that?

Reread: Girl Made of Stars

One of my favorite books of the year!

Round 5

Burn: Heartless

This was the first book in read in 2018. I actually enjoyed this quite a bit once I was done, but I loved the other books I pulled more. Plus the start of this was really slow so I did almost DNF it at one point.

Rewrite: Tower of Dawn

I just finished this book and was blown away by how much I liked it, since Chaol has been my least favorite throughout the series. This overuses a big bookish pet peeve of mine – “talking” through glances. So I would get rid of the loads of those.

Reread: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

My favorite book of the year!

Round 6


Alright before everyone lights their torches, I did end up loving this series. But this first book… man did I dislike it. You need to read it to understand the rest of the series but I’ll probably never read it again.

Rewrite: The Raven King

One of my favorite series ever. But if I had the chance, I’d remove Henry from this book. He was so unnecessary.

Reread: Warbreaker

I love Brandon Sanderson books. His books always blow me away. And the magic system in this was SO unique and cool.

Final Round

Burn: Vicious

Alright I know a lot of people are gonna hate me for this one lol. But I don’t understand the Vicious hype. It was just fine.

Rewrite: The Dream Thieves

Again I love this series. And this might be my favorite of the series. But the beginning was a little slow. So maybe I’d tweak that?

Reread: Shadow and Bone

I loved this book! This whole series is high on my reread list.

That’s it! Did you agree with any of my choices? Disagree? Let me know what you would have done!

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