2019 Personal Goals

2019 is going to be a big year for me so I wanted to write down and document some goals I”m setting in my personal life. My fiancé and I are getting married in September! So this year is going to be filled with all the wedding things. ♥


Because of that, I really want to focus on both my physical and mental health this year. I’m pretty easily overwhelmed/stressed so want to make sure I’m taking care of myself. Other than that, I just think it’s a good in general idea to have goals you’re working towards.

Most of these are going to read pretty vague. These are all pretty personal so I don’t go into a ton of detail here. But I have smaller, more specific goals written out for myself.

1. Reduce Screen Time

I’ve read/heard that reducing screen time can help improve your sleep. As someone who suffers from bouts of insomnia, I’m always looking for ways to help me fall and stay asleep. So rather than sitting on my phone or laptop until all hours of the night, I’m going to try and be offline at least 2 hours before bed (so around 8pm for me). Bonus: this gives me 2 hours of uninterrupted reading time! And since I’m always complaining about not having enough time to read, I’m considering this a twofer.

2. Yoga

This is a 2 part goal. I don’t talk about this here (because it’s not book related), but I’m actually a part-time yoga instructor. So not only would I like to focus on my own practice, but I have teaching goals as well.

A. I’m currently only subbing classes, but I would like to get back to teaching a scheduled class. So in the new year I’m going to focus on finding a location to teach at regularly. I also want to teach at least 4 workshops/specialty classes (I already have 2 scheduled for January).

B. I want to get back to my own personal practice. I really want to join a studio and go class at 1-2 times a week. Memberships are so expensive but I really miss practicing regularly.

3. Fitness/Nutrition

I was HUGE into yoga, weight-lifting, and nutrition for many years. But in mid 2017 I had a big burnout and then got really sick soon after. So I’ve been off the bandwagon since. But now that I’m healthy again, I think the wedding is the perfect thing to kickstart my return.

I would like to get to the gym for weight training 3 days a week (hopefully to train with a good friend who is a personal trainer). And I would also like to focus on meal planning/prepping again. We prep a full week worths of meals on Sundays but I’ve been pretty awful with the follow through. So I need to dial this back in.

4. Savings

This one is of course personal so I’m not going to go into much detail. But obviously we have some big expenses ahead of us. So I (sadly) need to focus on cutting back on extraneous spending.

5. Instagram

I want to be more consistent and present on my account. I have really good weeks were I’m posting every day and interacting with other accounts. But then I go dark for a week or 2 because I’m too lazy to take photos. I don’t want to force myself, if I need a break I’ll definitely take one. But I want to make it a priority.

6. Blog

Like Instagram, I want to make writing content and interacting with other blogs a priority! I’m really loving being a part of this community and I want to focus on that this year 🙂

I kept these kind of vague here because they are personal. I have more specific goals written in my own personal space. But I wanted to voice them to the world to hopefully keep me accountable!

Do you set personal goals for the new years? What are some things you would like to accomplish?


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