ReReadathon TBR

AH, it’s finally time to share my ReReadathon TBR!


I’m so excited to be one of the blogger hosts for the ReReadathon, created by the wonderful Merphy Napier.

Check out my readathon announcement post for all the details and links!

For this readathon I decided to choose the books I was interested in reading first, rather than choosing the books based off the challenges. I’ve mentioned this a lot lately, but I’ve been really slumpy with my reading, so I only wanted to pick books I knew I would get pulled into.

1. This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen was my favorite author as a teenager. In fact I loved her books so much, I still own the 3 books of her’s that were my favorite. This was my absolute favorite and I probably read it a solid dozen times throughout high school. But until now I’ve been terrified to reread them and ruin the fond memories. I decided it’s finally time to revisit them! I’m sure this will be a quick, sweet (albeit mildly cheesy) YA romance. And I’m ready for it.

Challenges: An Old Favorite, Childhood Favorite, Giving a Book a Second Chance

2. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is actually another book I read as a teenager. I read this for my AP literature class and devoured the entire book in a single sitting. It was the first classic I really loved. But I’d like to revisit it as an adult and see if/how my feelings have changed. Plus this book is quite short, so it makes a perfect readathon book.

Challenges: Popular Book, Game Changing Book

3. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

I consider this one of my favorite books of all time. This book shook me the first time I read it and still recommend it to everyone I know to this day. Even though I know the twist, I’m really looking forward to revisiting this book.

Challenges: Recent Favorite 

Other Options

These aren’t officially on my TBR but I wanted to pick a couple extra books in case I change my mind about what I’m in the mood for. Or if by some miracle, get through the 3 books listed above.

Water For Elephants by Sara Guren

This is another book I consider an all-time favorite. But I recently realized I can’t remember much about this book. I definitely want to give it a reread some time, but it’s a chunky book. So not ideal for a readathon.

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

I really enjoyed this YA, mystery when I read it in early 2018. And now that book 2 is finally out, I’d like to reread book 1 to refresh my memory. Because I forgot everything. This is why I usually wait until a series is complete before picking it up.

Let me know below if you’re planning to participate and what is on your TBR!!


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