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Thank you Daniel from Page to Page for tagging me!! ❤️


The Liebster Award Rules

  1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I prefer salty over sweet.
  2. In college I switched my major from Computer Science to Electrical Engineering because I didn’t want to program every day for a living. I’ve now worked as a programmer for 6 years.
  3. In college I worked as a research aide on a nationally funded astronomy project. I got to travel to Puerto Rico to work at Arecibo as well as Seattle for a national conference. It was an amazing college job.
  4. I’m terrified of bird, spiders, heights, small spaces, and escalators.
  5. When I about 6 my shoe lace got stuck in an airport escalator with an entire plane load of people behind me. It was traumatizing.
  6. I have 4 piercings (I had 5 but one of them closed) and 2 tattoos.
  7. I have an illness called Ulcerative Colitis that knocks my on my ass every 2 years or so.
  8. My favorite show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Closely followed by Greek.
  9. Movie theatre popcorn is my kryptonite. I can eat an entire large bucket if left to my own devices.
  10. I’m an obsessive planner. I’m terrified of being late or underprepared. Example: Back in March I made a detailed, day by day itinerary for our honeymoon… for April of next year.
  11. I’m really short! I’m only 5’1″

Questions from Daniel

1. Cake or non-cake donut?

Cake donut for sure!

2. What is you preferred milk type (two percent, whole, almond)?

I’m allergic to dairy, and dislike soy and coconut milk, so I drink almond milk exclusively.

3. What’s the last book you check out form the library?

Inspection by Josh Malerman

4. Have you ever met anyone famous?

Um.. I don’t think so actually.

5. What’s the last thing you’ve cooked or baked from scratch?

I cook every Sunday – my fiancé and I meal prep all of our meals. This week I made Mexican stuffed peppers. And they were delicious.

6. Biscuits or bagels?

Both 😅 I love all carbs equally 😂

7. baby boi or BIG BOI? (refer to and include one above picture)


Omg! baby!! So tiny and precious!

8. If you could have dinner with one author that’s alive, who would it be?

Oh… Margret Atwood. I feel like she’d have lots of wisdom to share.

9. What is your most anticipated release of the year?

I don’t know how to choose just one. I’ll go with Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Steifvater.

10. What’s been your most disappointing read this year, so far?

We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott. This YA thriller was definitely not for me.

11. What was the last song you listened to?

Good question… I believe it was Good As You by Kane Brown ❤️

My Questions

  1. Do you have any pets?
  2. What is your favorite snack food?
  3. What book has been sitting on your shelf the longest?
  4. Who’s an author you want to read from but haven’t yet?
  5. What series do you never see yourself starting?
  6. Coffee or tea?
  7. What is your least favorite book of all time?
  8. What is your favorite music genre?
  9. Do you have any hobbies outside of reading?
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. Do you prefer series or standalone novels?

I Tag

Portia | Evelyn | Misty | Shelby



3 thoughts on “Tag: The Liebster Award

  1. Thank you so much for the tag. It will probably be a while before I get around to doing this because I have decided to take a break from doing tag posts after I’ve done the ones I’ve drafted already because I am burnt out on them. I will save it to do once I get back to doing them.

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