Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered #1) Review



Title: Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered #1)
Tessa Bailey
Romance, New Adult
Ebook, 400 pages
Goodreads page

This was SO good! I never wanted to put this down ❤

I received and arc of this from Avon Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Travis thought he left his small town and demons behind when he made it to the MLB. But after an injury ended his career he ended up back in the town he never wanted to see again. Wallowing in filth, booze, and self-pity is where Georgie finds her old crush.

Georgie has always been the passed over, younger sibling. But she is tired of not being taken seriously. When Travis needs to clean up his image for a new job, the decide to fake date. But their intense attraction quickly blurs the lines of their “fake” relationship.


This is told in third person and you see both Georgie and Travis’s POVs.

This book is explicit! Yes this book has a cutesy cover and I would definitely call this a rom-com, but the sex scenes are frequent, detailed, and far from fade to black. So if that’s not your thing, I’d skip over this one.

Content Warnings: depression, neglect

What I Liked

  1. I’m in love with Travis. The entire relationship between him and Georgie warmed by heart from start to finish. I loved watching them push and challenge each other. But they did so with so much tenderness and respect.
  2. I love the humor of this! There were so many funny characters and one liners. The banter was great and Georgie was so dang witty. I thought the whole clown career thing was weird at first, but it actually worked.
  3. I want to be a part of the Just Us League. One, the name is clever AF. And two, I’m all about women supporting women. I loved that this book was not only a romance, but showcased strong women supporting each other.
  4. I really appreciated that this book tackled the feeling of not being able to shake a preconceived idea/image. This was talked about with Georgie being an only child, and Travis being seen as a womanizer. I feel like everyone can relate to being stuck with a label they don’t want and are unable to rid themselves of.
  5. I can see why people have said that Georgie’s makeover felt like it was “for a guy” or that Travis only liked her because of it. But I disagree. I loved how strong Georgie was on her own. Apologizing to the owner. Taking charge of her own life. Finally ready to shed the safety blanket or her childhood wardrobe.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. I wish Travis’s past was a little more flushed out. We got to hear a little about how is parents neglected him and what a mean, drunkard his father his. But I don’t feel like it really went far enough into explaining his history. I wanted just a little more.
  2. While I found it endearing in general, “baby girl” was over used. It didn’t actually take anything away from the story for me, but I could have used with a few dozen less of these.

Overall I devoured this book. This romance 100% had me swooning. If you love a steamy, brothers-bet-friend romance, definitely add this to your TBR!


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