After I Do Review



Title: After I Do
Taylor Jenkins Reid
Audiobook, 9 hours 12 minutes
Goodreads page


Lauren and Ryan have been together for 11 years. But their marriage is breaking at the seams and they can’t stand being around each other anymore. So they decide to take a year apart – no seeing each other or contacting each other. Can this time apart heal what’s been broken?


This story is told in first person from Lauren’s POV.

This really revolves around miscommunication and the resentment that can harbor. It’s an intense look inside a failing relationship and what it means to love each other.

These characters are not necessarily likable. They are real and severely flawed.

Content Warnings: Death of a family member, cheating, marriage troubles

What I Liked

  1. This book felt so relatable. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the same age as the characters or because I’ve been in my own relationship for the same amount of time. But this book felt so real. And I’m sure for many people it has. TJR always blows me away with out authentic her stories and characters read.
  2. This book does not shy away from the ugly side of relationships. Lauren and Ryan are in the throws of their resentment for each other from page one and you see first hand how unhappy they are. You see fights, angry emails, and lots and lots of blame. I read a lot of romance where the love interests are put pedestals and end in happily ever after. It was refreshing to read what comes after that HEA.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. I struggled to lay my finger on what was missing, keeping this from a full 5 star read for me. But I just didn’t feelconnected to these characters. I loved the story – the plot and execution really tugged at me – but not to the characters. When the ending came around I didn’t have an emotional reaction. And I realized I would have given this book the same rating even if it had worked out differently. Perhaps if we had seen some of Ryan’s perspective, I would have felt more attached.

Overall this is another novel from TJR that I absolutely love and will gush over forever. If you have’t check out her books yet, I can’t recommend doing so enough!


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