On the Rocks Review



Title: On the Rocks
Kandi Steiner
Ebook, 339 pages
Goodreads page

I received an arc of this from the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.


19 year old Ruby Grace is engaged the perfect man.

Noah works at the whiskey distillery the entire town revolves around.

When Ruby Grace goes to the distillery to buy her fiancé a barrel, she is greeted by the man she hasn’t seen in 10 years. Noah sees right through her facade of designer shoes and snooty attitude. And for the first time since she got home from college, she’s able to be herself.

As Noah and Ruby grow closer, Ruby Grace starts questioning if she really wants the future laid out before her.


This is an age gap, forbidden romance told in dual perspective from Ruby Grace and Noah’s POV.

Just a note in case these aren’t your cups of tea – there is quite a bit of grey area cheating as well as plenty of unlikeable characters.

Content Warnings: Gambling, Addiction, Death of a family member

What I Liked

  1. Kandi Steiner writes some of the best angsty romance ever. I can’t get over the drama she is able to build in her story without it feeling too heavy or too much. It is a true art
  2. The romance in this totally had me. The chemistry between Noah and Ruby Grace was built up so well and jumped off the page. I couldn’t help but root for them even when I totally disagreed with their actions. Again just a note there is grey area cheating in this book – so tread lightly if that’s not something you’re okay with reading about.
  3. I want to join Noah’s family. Ugh I fell in love with literally all of them and I’m so excited that we are getting a story from all the brothers!!

What I Didn’t Like

  1. Ruby Grace’s family is insanely unlikeable. Which in of itself doesn’t bother me, but I didn’t like the they were forgiven so easily. It’s mentioned right at the end that their relationship is still strained, but I don’t think I could ever forgive what they had done.
  2. I’m still a little unclear about the whole marriage situation. This is a spoiler for the twist so don’t read this next part if you haven’t read the book yet. (view spoiler)
  3. There are a lot of open plot points. I know there are like 3 more books in the series (one for each remaining brother I’m assuming). But there are a lot of open threads and I want to know now!!

Overall, I cannot wait to continue on with this series. I’m completely in love with the Becker family and need more from them asap. I don’t think I could ever not love a book Kandi Steiner writes ❤❤ I devoured this and highly recommend it if you want a small town, forbidden, angsty romance!


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