Romances to Keep You Warm this Winter – Pt. 1

It’s cold outside. But these romances will heat things up.

This list was LONG! So I decided to break this list into 2 parts. Today we’re starting with Contemporary, Indie Published, and Angsty romances that will bring the heat.

Contemporary Romance

For those who like some real life moments with their romance.

1. Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis

My Review

This follows Emmie Blue has been in love with her best friend for years. But when she learns that he is getting married and agrees to be the ‘Best Woman’ in his wedding she’s forced to finally confront her feelings. This book has beautiful relationships, heartbreaking moments, and an inspiring journey of self discovery.

2. Beach Read by Emily Henry

My Review

Don’t let this lighthearted cover fool you. This romance packs a punch. This follows January who is struggling with the death of her father and the recent reveal of a secret he kept hidden for years. Now she is trapped at cabin next to her archenemy and fellow author, Augustus. This book perfectly balances witty banter, a sexy romance, and a heartbreaking look at family.

3. How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

An uptight professor finally lets loose only to fall for the man who holds the future of her career in her hands in this swoon worthy romance. The chemistry in here is unparalleled the characters are fantastically developed. But trigger warnings for abusive relationships and attempted sexual assault!

Indie Romances

Support these amazing indie pub’d authors.

1. Drive Me Wild by Melanie Harlow

My Review

Drive Me Wild is a small town romance between a local mechanic and no-longer-rich debutante. This book reads like a sexy Hallmark movie and I couldn’t get enough. If you want small town vibes and a sexy but soft hero, this is your book!

2. Him duet by Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen

My Review

This M/M hockey romance is a staple in the romance community for a reason! These two characters are so sweet and perfect together. And if you want some extra bonus content – check out their short story in Christmas in the City!

3. On the Rocks by Kandi Steiner

My Review

This is another small town, Southern romance! But this one follows the owners/employees at a Whiskey distillery. It’s a romance between the engaged Mayor’s daughter and the town bad boy. It has all the warm Southern summer vibes so it’ll definitely warm you up through the cold months.

4. The Wreckage of Us by Brittany Cherry

My Review

Brittany Cherry is the queen of emotional romances. This one follows a young woman who is kicked out of her home only to find herself working on farm with a man she can’t stand. This is a mix of everything – musician romance, small town vibes, enemies to lovers, and emotional/hard-hitting.

Laugh Out Loud Funny

Laughter really is the best medicine.

1. Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter

My Review

This entire series had me laughing out loud while reading. It’s a college romance between 2 people who meet through a wrong number. There’s witty banter, adorable goats, and a swoony romance. What more could you want?

2. You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

My Review

This is probably the funniest rom-com I’ve ever read. If you’re looking for a true hate to love/second chance romance this is for you. It follows an engaged couple who are pushing each other to their limits in hopes that the other one will call of the wedding and front the bill. Their antics are so outrageous and had me laughing the whole way through. Plus their chemistry was absolutely perfection!


All. The. Drama.

1. What He Doesn’t Know trilogy by Kandi Steiner

My Review

My favorite love triangle of all time! Even if you think you don’t like love triangles – give this one a read. I had no idea how this was going to work out until I turned the final page. Plus the guy she doesn’t choose gets his own book! It follows a married couple who’s relationship is on the rocks when a man from her past shows up. It’s filled with drama and heart-wrenching moments that had me holding my breath the whole way through.

2. Here and Now Trilogy by Lexi Ryan

This is series is off the wall and so much fun. It’s an amnesia romance with a love triangle. It’s hella dramatic and angsty and not at all believable or realistic. But it’s a fantastic, quick, and sexy read that will have you frantically flipping the pages.

Part 2 of this list coming tomorrow with 3 additional romance categories!


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