Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

I’ve been seeing this going around and decided I wanted to participate!


1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2019.


This one is easy for me. I’ve been OBSESSED with this book since I finished it. And if you’ve been following my blog this is absolutely not a shock haha. This book was everything. It follows the softest romance ever between the First Son of the US and the Prince of Wales. I thought this book was so sweet, so steamy, and had such an important message. I can’t see anything beating this one out.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2019.

I’ve read a surprising number of sequels… I much prefer standalones but since I’ve been reading all the romance, a lot of the books I’m reading are part of standalone series. Here are a couple of my favorites!!

3. New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.


Omg I don’t even know how to answer this… SO many! Narrowing this down is ridiculously hard. I’m going with Daisy because it was on my most anticipated books of the year list, TJR is my favorite author, and for some unholy reason I haven’t picked this up yet.

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

Seriously these questions are so hard haha. I can’t possible choose just one, so here are 4! I also recently posted a T10T post about some other books I’m anticipating!

5. Biggest disappointment


I was so excited for this book because Jill Santopolo’s last book made my top 10 of 2018 list. But this was not for me… in fact I liked very few things about this. And I’m still sad about it. You can check out my full review for all my thoughts here.

6. Biggest surprise

It’s a tie between these two! I had no idea what to expect going into these and the both blew me away.

7. Favourite new author. (Debut or new to you)

Another easy one. Hands down Casey McQuiston. Ps if you aren’t following her on Instagram you definitely should! I’m obsessed with her stories.

8. Newest fictional crush

I read a lot of romance so… all of them? haha. Here’s a couple I’m still loving.

9. Newest favourite character


Hm… I think Alex from RW&RB. I connected and fell in love with all the characters in this actually.

10. Book that made you cry


Oh I’m a big baby so I cry all the time while reading haha. I think this made me cry the most though. At one point I had to stop reading because I couldn’t stop sobbing.

11. Book that made you happy

Everything Teagan Hunter writes makes me happy! I can’t help but smile while reading/listening to her books.

12. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)


I’m currently obsessed with the new paperback copy of How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. It’s so blue and shiny.

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

All of them haha.

If you want to participate, consider yourself tagged!!


6 thoughts on “Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

  1. Great post! I am dying to read Red, White and Royal Blue. It feels like the whole book community has gone nuts for that book and I am desperate to discover why for myself! ❤

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  2. Wow! I really need to read Red, White and Royal Blue! I’ve seen this everywhere. I also have The Silent Patient on my list to get to before the end of 2019. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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