This or That Book Tag

It’s time for another book tag!


This was originally created by Paperfury – check out her original post here!

1. Series or Standalone?

I’m definitely more of a standalone fan. While I enjoy series, I tend to struggle to keep up with them. Plus I hate waiting between releases because I tend to forget everything happened in the previous books haha.

Although! I am a huge fan of standalone romance series. Where each book stands on it’s own but each sequential book in the “series” follows a character we met in a previous book!

2. Magic Earned or Magic Born?

Both? I don’t know.. I don’t really have a strong opinion about this one. I think most of the fantasy I’ve read has been magic born though.

3. Enemies-to-lovers or Friends-to-lovers?

Enemies to lovers! Give me all the angst.

4. Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin

Hilarious banter! I loooove a good heartbreaking story. But I hilarious banter is my jam. Teagan Hunter write my absolute favorite banter! Definitely check out her books if you’re looking for laugh out loud romance.

5. Love Triangle or Insta Love

Love triangle. I know a lot of people hate on the love triangle, but I actually enjoy them. I think they bring the angst and tension and I’m all about it.

6. Keyboard-Smash Fantasy Names or All the Names Start With Same Letter?

Ugh both of these are so annoying. If I can’t pronounce the name, I just make up new ones in my head haha. I definitely hate it more when the names are too similar. Everyone blends together then. So I guess keyboard-smash names by a margin..

7. Mean Parents or Deceased Parents?

I feel terrible answering this one… deceased parents. Mean parents drives me crazy – especially in YA.

8. Supermodel Looks or Constantly Described as “Plain”?

Blech. Supermodel looks I guess. I feel like it’s easier for me to ignore.

9. Face of Cover or Typography on Cover?

Oh I love both. My gut says typography but my favorite cover of the year is a face so…


10. Villain Turning Good or Hero Turning Bad?

I don’t mind either if it’s done well. But I feel like the villain turning bad is done poorly more often than the hero turning bad.

If you’d like to do this, consider yourself tagged!!




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