Someone We Know Review



Title: Someone We Know
Shari Lepena
Ebook, 304 pages
Goodreads page


This follows a small, suburban community in the wake of a murder.
A few weeks ago, of the neighborhood wives disappeared. Everyone thought she left her husband until her and her car is found at the bottom of the lake. The once quiet neighborhood is thrown into chaos as secrets and lies are revealed.


This story is told for tons of different perspectives. It jumps around frequently with little to no differentiation or notice.
This story feels very much like a class, whodunit mystery.

Content Warnings: Murder, Cheating, Underage Drinking

What I Liked

  1. Like An Unwanted Guest, this gave me all the classic-whodunit-mystery vibes. This isn’t a suspenseful, uber-twisty thriller. Instead it’s more a slow, walk-through reveal. If you like that classic mystery feel, this could definitely be the book for you!
  2. I also really enjoyed the look into suburban living. Everyone was in everyone’s else’s business and lying and keeping secrets.
  3. The final reveal was really well done! I personally didn’t guess whodunit, but once it was revealed, I realized I should have seen it coming from the very beginning. I love when reveals feel very believable and this one definitely had hints from the start. I thought it was so well concealed amongst the chaos of the characters and community.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. Note: I did read this as an arc so this may be different in the finished copy. There were a lot (too many) POVs in this story. While I usually enjoy multi-pov books, this had way too many and they weren’t labeled. So it was a little difficult to get into at first because I struggled to remember who everyone was and who I was reading from.
  2. I don’t think this story did anything particularly new or inventive. While I loved the classic vibes, I wished it had put some type of twist on it.
  3. What was this ending??… Shari Lapena usually blows me away with her Epilogue endings. But this was one made no sense to me.. I was so confused. It felt more like a cliffhanger than ending. I might have given this 4 stars if I had skipped the Epilogue.

Overall this was solid mystery. I love Shari Lapena’s writing and the classic style she brings to her mysteries. This one wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I think it was still really well done and it had my attention from start to finish. This is a quick mystery I think a lot of people will enjoy.


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