Getaway Girl (Girl #1) Review



Title: Getaway Girl (Girl #1)
Tessa Bailey
Audiobook, 9 Hours 8 Minutes
Goodreads page


After 6 years away, Addison is back in Charleston taking care of her Grandmother’s business after she passed away. Her mother’s choices estranged her from her extended family but that doesn’t stop her from crashing her perfect cousin’s wedding. But in a twist of events, her cousin calls off the wedding and Addison helps the groom – soon to be mayor, Elijah – escape the scene.

Now Elijah is living in Addison’s small, Christmas themed apartment most nights. They grow closer together and their chemistry is undeniable. But their worlds are completely different. Can a relationship between them really work?


This is an adult romance told in 2 POVs – Elijah and Addison.

This book is damn wonderfully explicit (so if that’s not your jam skip this author haha)

What I Liked

  1. Tessa Bailey is in league of her damn own. Her sex scenes are so dang hot. I know I should expect it but I’m blown away every damn time.
  2. I loved the positive portrayal of female sexuality! In this book, it was the female character who was the dirty talker and experimental one. I love a dominant male character but I think it’s important to highlight that women can be dominant, sexual beings too. I’m a little tired of the timid, virgin female characters so it was so refreshing to see Addison taking exactly what she wanted.
  3. The was also really romantic. I looooved the friendship and relationship between Addison and Elijah! Their relationship was so sweet and supportive.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. This first one has nothing to do with the book itself! But I wanted to share in case you were considering picking this up on audio (it’s currently available on Hoopla). The female narrator uses an uncomfortable amount of baby talk… I found it really off-putting. And the male narrator’s accent was… not good. Luckily listening on 2x speed dulled the effects enough. But I definitely recommend reading this one physically if you’re particular about your audiobook narration!
  2. The epilogue was cute (a little cliche but cute) but the final conflict felt a forced and rushed. Addison’s action/decision felt extremely.. dumb (honestly).. and out of character. I get that she was emotional but it was still ridiculous. Plus the last 10% or so, I just kept yelling – “just tell each other how you feel already!” Which is a romance pet peeve of mine. In general it just wasn’t my favorite ending of all time.

I’m 100% obsessed with Tessa Bailey. Her books are sexy and downright filthy and I’m here for it. I love her positive depiction of female sexuality and her relationships are so swoony. If you love a good, dirty romance, pick this author/book up!!

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