“Spooky September” Readathons Wrap Up

September reading didn’t go quite as planned. The wedding took up so much our time, especially towards the end of the month so I didn’t get to a lot of the books I wanted to. But most of them just got pushed back to October!



1. Classic Creepers | Read a book with a classic horror monster – ✅



2. What Big Eyes You Have | Read a book over 400 pages – Currently Reading


I’m half way through this! So hopefully I finish this early in the month.

3. Chimera | Read a book that could be classified under multiple genres – ❌


This has been moved to next month!

4. The Real Monsters | Read a book featuring monstrous humans – ✅



5. Unsightly | Read a comic/graphic novel/manga featuring a monster – ❌


Funny story… this wasn’t a graphic novel 😅 Just an illustrated middle grade. So I didn’t read this.

6. Angry Mob | Read a book recommended to you by more than one person – ❌

All of these actually got moved back to October!

7. Sacrifice | Read a book that you’ve seen in an unhaul video – ✅



8. The Beasts | Read a book featuring a monster with plant or animal traits – ❌


Another book that got pushed back to October!

9. The Haunts | Read a book featuring a monster that is dead or undead – ❌

Both were pushed back!

10. The Conspiracies | Read a book featuring an alien, robot, or sci-fi based creature – ✅



Ladies of Horror Fiction Readathon

1. Indie Author – Skipped

2. LGBTQ+ Author – ✅



3. POC Author – DNF


I couldn’t follow the audiobook for this so I decided to put it down

4. YA/MG Author – ❌


Another one that was pushed back to October!

5. Translated or Set in Another Country – ❌

Didn’t get to either of these!


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