Nightmareathon TBR

It’s my last readathon TBR for the month!!!


Readathon Info

This readathon was created by Jacqueline from We Be Book’N and runs from October 25th – October 31st! This is a super full readathon with reading challenges, photo challenges, a buddy read, and live show! So if you’re looking for a fun event to wrap up the spooky season, definitely check this one out!

The Challenges & My TBR

1. Read a book with purple on the cover: Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton


I’ve heard such good things about this book so I’m crazy excited to read this. It’s a queer/poly witch story about a village that sacrifices boys to the devil. That’s all I know and all I want to know before diving in.

2. Read a book about murder: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine


This book follows a woman on the run from her husband who is a serial killer. This is another book I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for.

3. Read a book about something you’re afraid of: Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall


This book is compared to The Blair Witch projects which is terrifying. And it’s about a girl who gets lost in a haunted woods and returns changed. *shudders*

4. Read a paranormal book: Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall


My first double up!

5. Read a 2019 thriller/horror/paranormal book: The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters


This doesn’t come out until December but I have an arc copy of this from Edelweiss+ and sounds super creepy and super paranormal. So it sounds like the perfect read for this readathon.

6. Read a recommendation by a host: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine OR Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson


I’m planning to double up on this challenge but…


If by some miracle I get through everything else on this TBR I’m going to pick this up. Jacqueline has not stopped raving about this book since she read it earlier this year. So I’m super intrigued!

7. Read a backlist thriller (something published before 2019)


This is also on my Sbooktober TBR since these 2 readathons overlap. I’m SO DANG excited to finally read this book. It’s so many people’s favorite thriller of all time. I can’t wait.

Let me know if you’re participating in the readathon and what is on your TBR!


2 thoughts on “Nightmareathon TBR

  1. I hope you can get to them all and enoy them!
    i really want to read Strange grace as well, I keep hearing good things about that one!



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