Fall Favorites Tag

There’s only 1 month left of fall. And it definitely already feels like winter here… But I still wanted to do this fun fall tag!


I found this tag on Sophie’s, from Sophie’s Corner, blog and thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favorite things about my favorite season 🙂

What is your favourite thing about Fall?

Being cozy! I love the big sweaters, blankets, movies, and the added excuse to stay in ♥

What is your favourite Fall Candle scent?

Leaves from Bath and Body Works. No contest.

What is your favourite Fall drink?

I’m a basic PSL girl.

What’s your favourite trend for Fall?

I love boots. And since the cold lasts so long here I usually need a new pair every year anyways.

Ankle boots or knee high boots?

Oh don’t make me choose! I love both so much. Technically I should probably wear more ankle boots since I’m so short 😅 but I wear both pretty equally

Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie?

Pumpkin Pie!!

Do you go pumpkin picking every year as a tradition?

My husband and I have gone every year since we’ve met – except for this year 😅 Our wedding really took over the fall season this year.

Have you ever carved a pumpkin?


This is another thing I do every year (other than this one…) My husband isn’t into it but we usually turn on a Halloween movie while I carve 2-3 pumpkins. I find it so much fun to try out different designs!

What’s your favourite colour for Fall?

Burgundy ♥

Number one Must have to get you through Fall.

Boots! They’re a must here between the cold and early snow falls.

If you haven’t done this seasonal tag yet, consider yourself tagged!


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