Book Review: Coldhearted Boss by R.S. Grey



Title: Coldhearted Boss
Author: R.S. Grey
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: Audiobook, 8 hours 25 minutes
Goodreads page


Taylor has hit an all time low. She and her family are in desperate need of a financial boost but when Taylor lures a man into a bar bathroom and attempts to take his wallet, she can’t go through with it. But Lockwood Construction is breaking ground and are hiring able bodies, so Taylor applies. Little does she know that the man from the bar is her new boss, Ethan, and he thinks she stole from him. Ethan hires Taylor to get revenge, but locked away in a cabin for months together, their relationship develops beyond just work.


➸ POV: 1st person, alternating between Taylor and Ethan’s POVs

➸ Taylor – 22, In desperate need of money, Older sister, Wants more from her life

➸ Ethan – Founding member of Lockwood Construction, Taylor’s new boss, Twin brother, Angry

Content Warnings: Theft, Financial struggles, Talk of drug abuse

My Thoughts

This was my favorite RS Grey book so far! This was peak enemies to lovers goodness. I listened to this on audio and really enjoyed both narrators!

The chemistry between Taylor and Ethan was palpable. Even when they were fighting there was so much tension between them. I absolutely loved their dynamic and bickering. Taylor’s character was so strong and witty and I loved that she always stood up for herself and fought for more. Ethan’s character starts off closed off and untrusting – validly – but by the end he was so charming and I was swooning.

The humor in this one worked really well for me and never feel overdone. All of the characters were so witty and sarcastic and found myself smiling or laughing out loud quite often. However, I did think this book could have been a bit shorter. Some of the topics/discussions were beaten to death and could have been cut back. But the epilogue in this melted my heart ♥♥

Once again R.S. Grey delivers a charming rom-com I couldn’t help but devour.



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