February Reading Journal Setup

I decided to make a reading journal for 2020! I love planners and thought this would be a fun way to track my reading without being too overwhelming. Here is my February setup!


I don’t know if anyone cares about supplies but everything I used I purchased at Michael’s. If you want to know anything specific let me know in the comments and I’ll try to link it!

February Title Page


On the left I have a monthly calendar with the readathons and buddy reads I want to do this month. Then the right is just a title page.

TBR and Haul


These are my TBR and haul pages. On the left is 15 boxes with my current tentative TBR. Once I read a book I color in the box (this months color is pink obviously lol) and write in the title and rating. On the Right I just create a list of the books I buy/receive so that my haul posts are easier at the end of the month.

Monthly Stats


This page has my big screwup for the month 😂 It drives me totally nuts that I accidentally wrote tbr instead of stats but there was no going back by the time I realized it haha. This is just where I tally up the format, genre, and monthly challenges as I finish a book. This helps me when I’m doing my wrap-ups.

We Be Book’N Book Club


I’m part of an online book club and this is where I track my books for that! This month is pretty quiet since I’m not doing any individual buddy reads or TBR challenges. The left is this months prompts and the right is the one group book I’m reading with everyone.



That it for my standard pages! Any remaining spreads are for readathons I’m planning to participate it. This month is contemporaryathon. The left is all the challenges and a tentative list of the books I want to read. Then on the right page I will list out the books I actually end up reading plus my rating.

Tome Topple Readathon


Similar concept for Tome Topple. The left is the list of books I want to read. And the right is the “list” of challenges. I’ll fill this in with the actual books I finish and all that as I complete them.

That’s it! I keep it really simple since I have a ring bound planner that I use for my personal life every day. But I wanted a place to track my reading to help me with tbr/hauls/wrap up/stats posts.

I have a bunch of pages in the front for my yearly trackers – ie yearly challenges, TBRs, stats, Romanceopoly, etc. Let me know if you want to see those! I can definitely do another one of these posts 😊

Do you use a planner or bullet journal to track your reading??


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