Book Review: Undercover Bromance (Bromance Book Club #2) by Lyssa Kay Adams



Title: Undercover Bromance (Bromance Book Club #2)
Author: Lyssa Kay Adams
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 320 pages
Goodreads page

“History was built by thousands of women who thought they were just housewives or justsecretaries or just seamstresses until the day they got fed up and decided to fight back.”


Mack is ready to settle down. But his next date not only leads to him being dumped, but getting Liv fired from her dream job at Nashville’s top restaurant. That same night, Liv learns just terrible her boss was when she walks in on him harassing a young waitress. Liv is blackballed from every restaurant she applies to, she and Mack team up to get revenge and expose her old boss for what he is. But doing so may be more difficult than they thought, especially since Liv is reluctant to fully trust Mack.


➸ POV: 3rd Person from Liv & Macks’s POVs

➸ Braden Mack: 30s, Owner of Nashville bars and clubs, Born in Iowa, Creator of the Bromance Book Club

➸ Liv Papandreas: 25, Pastry chef, Recently fired, Angry and snarky, Lives on farm, Younger sister to Thea

Content Warnings: Sexual assault, Harassment, Abuse

My Thoughts

I did enjoy this followup to The Bromance Book Club however I feel like this book lost a little of the magic that I felt during book 1. I commend the author for trying to take on such a difficult and sensitive topic, however I felt like it took away from some of the elements I love most about this series – mainly the book club and friendship between the male characters. There was so much emphasis put onto the sexual harassment plot line, that the romantic development suffered a little. Which meant that I never felt the chemistry building between these characters. I thought the scenes where they baited each other to be extremely well written and steamy, but when Mack’s protectiveness kicked in, it felt sudden and out of no where. I just wish we had gotten more time seeing these character develop together rather than so much on the external plot.

Liv is definitely a hard character to like and I can see why so many people were turned off by her. She is so angry and aggressive that it can be pretty off-putting at times. I feel like she was so quick to judge everyone around her and it took until the last page for her to ease up. While I appreciate Liv’s snark and strength, her attitude definitely bordered (and spilled over at times) on annoying. I will say that if you read until the end, she does go through a large amount of character growth. But it takes the entire book for her to get there.

There were a lot of cases of unnecessary secrets and miscommunication sprinkled throughout this. Which is definitely not my favorite plot device… And after awhile I just wanted to shake these characters every time they lied or withheld information for no apparent reason beyond stubbornness.

But where this book really shines in the male friendships. I love the banter and camaraderie between this group of powerful men. I want so many more books following these characters and their bookclub. Noah was definitely a new favorite character of mine and was elated when I realized the next book is his story.

Overall I still enjoyed this sequel and adore this really fun romance series. I’m so excited that we’re getting anotherbook in this series this year! I can’t wait to be back with the book club in fall!


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