2020 Goal Check In: March

In 2020 I set myself some specific reading goals/challenges for each month and I want to make sure I’m staying accountable. Here’s how March went!

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Alright so this was an interesting month goal wise. I realized half way through March that some of my original goals weren’t going to work long term for one reason or another so I had to tweak things slightly.

1. Review Every Book ✅

All my reviews are up either on here or Goodreads. I’m really proud of how well I’ve been keeping up with this challenge.

2. Read 100 Books

I at this rate I’m going to blow past my goal by like September 😅 I’m at 34/100!

3. Read 2 books off my backlist TBR  Physical TBR Challenge ✅

GirlInTheTower TreacherousCurse

This is one of the things I needed to update!

Originally I had a list in my reading journal of 24 books that I meant to read in 2019. However, I’ve since decided to DNF/unhaul a pretty significant number of those books which completely messed with this challenge.

So I created a whole new TBR jar for every physical book and e-book I own. So now this will become my “physical” TBR challenge and I’m hoping to read 4 books/month from this list.

4. Read outside my comfort zone ✅

WickedAndTheWallflower ColdHeartedRake

Since I kept failing at this challenge as well, I did an overhaul of this list too. I went through my entire Goodreads TBR and chose all the books I feel are outside my comfort zone and added them to a jar. I also chose some genres/format that are outside my comfort zone: High Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi, Romantic Suspense, Dark Romance, Classics, and Graphic Novels. So if I read anything that falls into one of those categories (that wasn’t in my TBR jar) that also counts.

My goal of this challenge was to read things I don’t normally reach for rather than read a very specific list. So I think broadening the challenge will help.

5. Read at least 2 books in an open series ✅

GirlsWithRazorHearts GirlInTheTower TreacherousCurse

I’ve been a series machine this year!

6. Read at least 1 BOTM book ❌

….. nope 😭

7. Romanceopoly ✅


This completed The Bar which was to read a book by an author that shares at least one of your initials (R).

8. March TBR


So I’ve definitely had worse months but this still wasn’t great. I have 7 books on my monthly TBR and read 3 of them (and technically I’m still reading one of those 3…).

9. Seasonal TBR

This doesn’t really pertain this month. In February I mentioned that I had finished 8 / 10 books on my Winter TBR and didn’t plan to read the remaining two anymore. And I just shared my Spring TBR last week so I haven’t started on that quite yet.

So this month was a bit of a flop… But I plan to get back on track in April! And maybe at some point this year I’ll actually read something outside of my comfort zone 😂

How are you doing with your 2020 goals??


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